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Strategies for introducing an iPhone with VoiceOver to an adult family member who recently lost his/her vision
Students sharing about their assistive technology!
Tips for staying on top of assignments in virtual classes from someone who has taken 30+ online classes!
How to make shopping easier and safer!
Touch typing should include the numeric keypad; does your student know and use the ten-key?
Here is a workaround if your Google Map is missing the Accelerate button.
Create fun accessible books for the iPad that are EASY to navigate with VoiceOver and a Braille Display!
Step-by-step video tutorial series for educators, students and families!
New to non-visual digital maps? Use this simplified map to get started!

CVI for the TVI webinar series: November 2020

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Try this motivating app to teach orientation and mental mapping skills!
Follow Sadie as she learns about clocks and time.
Should my student turn the map as he/she travels?
Here is a fun way to learn JAWS commands!
Does your student have a full toolbox of ORIENTATION skills?

Analyze your student’s level for intentional touching and basic tech skills by teaching iOS gestures through learning games.

Step-by-step video tutorial series for educators, students and families!
Follow Sadie, a beginner reader with CVI, through a series of lessons!
Which is faster - Abacus or paper?
October 15 is White Cane Day - here is a poem that celebrates white canes!
Learn how the Audio Astroid game teaches O&M concepts!
Step-by-step video tutorial series for educators, students and families!
Looking for a beginning braille letter app for young students?
Results and recommendations are now available!
This video introduces to apps that teach/reinforce VoiceOver gestures.
What formats work best and why?
Step-by-step video tutorial series for educators, students and families!
Cool podcasts for kids - including educational podcasts and activities!
Everything you need to know about the Braille Note Touch!
Detailed lesson plans for STEAM activities using CodeSnaps app and Sphero robotic ball!

CVI for the TVI webinar series: September 2020

Are you having trouble answering calls? Check this accessibility setting.
Learn how to meet with vendors, network with colleagues, and sit in on inspiring presenters - all as if you were meeting face-to-face!
Learn about lighthouses with this book and map lesson!
Ten essential technology skills that every student needs for taking virtual online and hybrid classes in college, from someone who has taken over 40!
Part 2 in an O&M concept development series.
Follow Sadie, a beginner reader with CVI through a series of lessons!
Final thoughts about ECC skills.
Learn about the 13 Colonies - written resources and a non-visual digital map included!
This blog post will cover some tips for efficient navigation throughout Microsoft Teams
Understanding the road name "circle" may actually represent various other shapes, such as a "U".
Helpful apps for students with learning disabilities - and appropriate for students with visual impairments too!
How to use the free built-in blackboard ally tool to get digital materials in accessible formats for students with print disabilities.
Here is a back to school list of remote O&M instruction ideas!
Creating simple emerging reader books about real items that a preschooler is familiar with and motivated by!
How ObjectiveEd Hybrid Curriculum helps improve skills for students with low vision or blindness.
Farm lesson for elementary students which includes an accessible book, non-visual map, and activities!