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Preposition and spatial concepts worksheets
This tool is an easy way to modify images for students with CVI or low vision.
Is your student using the accessible online Desmos Graphing Calculator?
Learn how ObjectiveEd games are beneficial for progress monitoring and IEP meetings!
Recorded live webinar discusses how to assess and implement AT that will remove barriers to access for students with CVI.
Check out these interactive math concept games for preschoolers, kindergarten and first grade students!

Participants will learn how assessment supports the selection and design of AAC modes that are accessible and meaningful for their students.

Improve easy adaptations of the home environment and activities within the families’ daily routines.

AnimalWatch Vi has TWO fun math curriculums for students with visual impairments!
This CVI student is using age-appropriate books with emojis to practice tracking skills and counting.
Independence vs. learned helplessness - how Ballyland apps can make a difference!
Explore the solar system with sonification!
Learn about these auditory awareness digital games for students who are visually impaired.
Free digital braille games!
2020 turned our world upside down - here's how education was impacted!

Join two experienced COMS for this presentation on Orientation & Mobility instruction for students with CVI

A CVI tutorial with two certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists discussing  implications  of CVI for safe independent travel.

Step-by-step video tutorial series for educators, students and families!
Welcome to thirteenth episode of the It’s My Job podcast. Jose is a transition student from Colorado interviewing Lori Scharff from New York.
Learn more about reindeer!
Here are my tips for creating and inclusive and accessible classroom who are blind, low vision and visually impaired.
Learn how to introduce an iPad running VoiceOver to a young student!
These mischievous little elves are spreading smiles remotely!
This is a fully accessible math app which is now available for iOS and Android!
Author, poet and retired family therapist Annie Chiappetta is interviewed by Jose
Students need strong fingers to produce braille using a Perkins and to create gestures used with technology!
Use this fun holiday-themed app to reinforce 1-finger tap and/or 1-finger double tap!
NHH-BVI is providing FREE homework help for students with visual impairments!

A CVI tutorial exploring promising adaptations to remote learning for students with CVI

Join three educators for this presentation on promising practices for remote learning for stduents with CVI

A CVI tutorial with an SLP and TVI discussing  implications  of CVI for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

An SLP and TVI discuss CVI and the implications for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Where in the world is Santa and his reindeer?
Learn how ObjectiveEd games can reinforce and track student progress with O&M skills.