Orientation and Mobility

Students can become more independent with a customized desk organizer!
Learn how to adapt the game of golf for students to practice during PE or as a leisure activity.
Children will have fun during this game of muscle building and whole body awareness!
Students practice following one-step instructions and concept development within their environment.
Students practice fine motor planning to assemble mail envelopes and packages.
Practice matching colors of real objects while developing visual scanning skills.
Find which textures a student prefers to use as reinforcers in other activities!
Use these tips to determine which vestibular stimulating activities are preferred!
Help children develop a better understanding of America's favorite pastime!
Use these tips for developing comprehension of left and right.
This simple ball activity can be used to develop multiple hand movement skills.
Make simple modifications to adapt the outdoor game for all to enjoy!
Adapt a simple beanbag toss game for PE, O&M and social skill development.
Have fun balancing with this activity to promote motor development!
Use daily living activities to practice a variety of independence skills.
Practice fine motor skills while developing spatial awareness.
Introduce tactile graphics and map concepts with a representation of a familiar area!
Label objects and areas in the classroom to help build early literacy.