Orientation and Mobility

Learn how to use the non-visual digital maps without a screen reader!

Enjoy our virtual conference presentations, with the option to earn Professional Development Points or Continuing Education Credits

Quickly create customized, accessible digital maps that students can use to build mental maps and answer map-related educational questions.
This post describes a method for using a shared document for students to document their independent work.
This post describes an activity that allows instructors and students to work together to create and post online quizzes.
This user-friendly update streamlines the process of creating and opening non-visual digital maps!
The webinar recording on using SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps - fully accessible non-visual digital maps - is now available!
What should or should not be included when creating a non-visual digital map?
Why does a non-visual map look different than a visual map?
Motivate your braille reader with menus, recipes or other highly preferred reading materials!
Did the non-visual map and remote lesson make a difference in this student's O&M skills?
A graduating high school senior builds a mental map of Elon University using a digital map and a virtual O&M lesson.
Yikes! You have a graduating senior who is college bound. What do you do during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order?
Try these physical activities before introducing SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps to students with visual impairments!
Learn how to use accessible digital maps to take a virtual campus tour.
Learn how students can access teacher-created custom maps & intro to understanding the maps.
Want to improve your travel skills? Now is the time to try BlindSquare!
Create customized tactile maps using Touch Mapper!
See how this student was motivated to learn a challenging school route through 'coding' the Cubetto robot!
social distancing? No Problem! Play these games with a 'VI twist' through Zoom.
Free webinar on how to create and use accessible digital maps.
Free live webinars on ObjectiveEd braille games and O&M games!
Check out this cool O&M game by ObjectiveEd!
Try these virtual audio lessons that teach adaptive daily living skills - including basic O&M skills!
So your students things they want a guide dog? Join this online workshop!
Join these lively virtual meetings on O&M-related topics!
Unable to teach face-to-face O&M lessons? What are current expectations for O&Ms and what virtual resources are available?
Learn how to get started with Objective Ed, a fully accessible digital curriculum for students with VIB - it's free during school closures!
Looking for ideas on how to teach O&M virtually when schools are closed and students are staying home?
In this post I describe an activity using QR codes to create a scavenger hunt to find small metal turtle sculptures around a town.
Escape room activities are a fun way to develop team-building and other skills. This post describes an O&M-themed escape room activity.
Coding concept games are navigating through a maze; how can students with visual impairments access digital mazes?
Google Maps, a web-based service that provides detailed information about geographical regions and navigation now has voice guidance.
What to do, when? Order of coding concept activities and skills.

Earn ACVREP/CATIS credits through this collection of our AT tutorials

Here is a fun orientation lesson for October!
ten things to know about going to college with a blindness cane and learning to use a cane in college.
Seeing two of everything can be overwhelming. Here are ten things that I do to help minimize the effects of my double vision, and why.
How I learned to navigate my internship building with and without my blindness cane and human guides.
I'm not faking my vision impairment, here are seven places I don't use my blindness can and why.
Here is the third Ballyland Coding App - are you ready for a new challenge?
Teach coding concepts using familiar stories.
Google Celebrating Seiichi Miyake with a featured GIF of a cane traveler standing on truncated cones at a crosswalk.
Retrace your steps with Clew!
Apps and techniques I use on my phone to travel independently with a blindness cane on my college campus and beyond.
How Aira helps me independently navigate the airport and TSA with vision impairment.

During this 1 1/2 hour webinar, Karen Barrows will discuss working with children who have CVI

Ballyland Code is an accessible app that teaches beginning coding concepts for young children!
A tech savvy high school student with a vision impairment is leading the way!
Looking for a way to help motivate students to use great cane skills?