Literacy and Braille

The third installment in the series explains how to choose content that your student can use to increase their reading speed.
Love zany puns? This book or PDF is for you!
Download these free books and use them with your students; see how other TVIs are creating customized books and incorporating them into their lesson plans!

Monika Jones, of the Brain Recovery Project, shares information presented at the 2018 AER International Conference.

Is your student an emerging braille reader? Check out this fun device!
Check out these rhyming words activities!
This article will focus on the unique aspects of using the Orbit Reader 20 with an iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device.
Ten little-known facts about braille for World Braille Day 2019, Louis Braille's 210th birthday.
Use this amazing BETA feature from Desmos online calculator to create beautiful embosser ready graphs. All you need to do is input your equation!
Young readers will enjoy reading this short story about ladybugs. Learn how to quickly create ePub books!
Creating 'triple-media' books for early readers: print, braille, auditory books!

Monika Jones, of the Brain Recovery Project, shares information presented at the 2018 AER International Conference.

How to read handwriting and handwritten notes using technology.
This third grade student created a digital book about her dog.
Learning kindergarten sight words in large print and braille using teacher-created ePub books.
Aeden's initial lesson plans including introduction to the joystick on the refreshable braille display!
These accessible books have predictable text and image descriptions - perfect for emerging readers!
Adapting and customizing Kindergarten Reading Street program using Visiobook Orbit 20 paired with an iPad.

This module addresses how students with visual and multiple disabilities communicate, why they communicate, and what they communicate

The final article in the Juliet 120 series will continue our focus on settings on the unit.
Using Pictello, an iPad, the P.I.A.F. and braille to create an O&M book for a 2 year old child who is totally blind child.
An iBook created by a student to share with her teacher and class about the technology she uses to access her the regular ed. curriculum.
How a seemingly small gesture opened my mind to how I needed to learn and changed my experience of learning and learning media.
The second article in this series will focus on Creating Tactile Graphics with Firebird Software.
BrailleSense Polaris Series #1: Learn strategies for teaching students Word processing on the BrailleSense Polaris.
This is part 1 in a series on the Juliet 120 embosser from Enabling Technologies, will focus on the direct translation that is embedded into the unit.
This students uses all her 'tools in the toolbox' to complete her assignment!
Use your favorite songs to teach braille contractions and tech skills!
Help peers learn about a long cane used by students with visual impairments through this free children's book!
How students with vision impairments can benefit from Tumblebooks, a free digital picture book service in schools and libraries.

Theories and best practices for teaching students with visual impairments and additional disabilities.

New Hampshire: 1 day workshop - October 26. The workshop will emphasize the foundation principles used to facilitate literacy skills in children with CVI.

The iOS version of the BARD mobile app recently underwent some changes. curious what they are? Then read on!
Word enables users to customize text for even more accessibility!
Bookshare offers special summer reading lists for hours of enjoyment.
You may need to check this setting if you're having issues pairing a braille display to a computer over bluetooth.
Download this free, accessible beach experience book!
Tough Boris is a mean, greedy old pirate - tough as nails, through and through. Or is he? You will love this richly adapted version of the book!

In this webcast, Lucia Hasty discusses the importance of early literacy, language and concept development for children who are blind.

In this webcast, Lucia Hasty discusses spatial relationship and graphic literacy and strategies for teaching students to read tactile graphics.

In this webcast, Linda Hagood addresses the importance and challenges in teaching writing skills to students who are blind and deafblind.

Activities for teaching braille and other concepts through songs and videos.
Are you looking for an accessible spelling game?
Five tools that eliminate distractions and let readers focus on content. Can be used in the classroom or with assistive technology.
How does the web based version of Book Creator work with Chrome Books?
Using pictures - with alt text descriptions - to learn about information that is not spelled out.
Check out these creative ideas for using audio labels with students!
Check out Feelif Creator's accessible educational games!
What's in the Bag, Crime Scene, Garbage Mystery, Shoe Pair and other 'detective' activities!