Literacy and Braille

Build the concepts of "same" and "different" with these accessible tactile worksheets!
Quickly convert the color-by-number or color-by-shape worksheets into accessible tactile graphic worksheets.
Accessible math worksheets for the digital classroom - includes step-by-step instructions on how to access these worksheets!
Continue building math numeracy with fun tactile characters (animals and objects) and counting skills.
You can add Braille Font to your iOS device - including importing braille font to apps like GoodNotes!
Build beginning math skills with simple to create - and share - shape-related graphics worksheets!
Start the school year with a daily journal activity!
Build those preschool & early elementary skills with simple to create - and share - Mazes using the GoodNotes app and a tactile graphics machine.
Helpful tips for embossing using a tactile graphics machine.
Learn how I outline research papers with OneNote, a free Microsoft Office application that is available across many devices and supports AT.
Start the school year off with this friendly accessible ice breaker activity!
Spice up multiplications drills and Nemeth or UEB Code skills with this fun activity!
Spatial Tech Standards are unique to students who are blind or low vision; learn how to teach these foundational skills to young students!
Expanded Core and STEAM includes art activities!
Here is a fun way to practice the read/pause tech commands and listening comprehension skills!
Introducing tactile and digital math skills through a progression of models, tactile graphics, and digital activities using the Add or Delete iOS game.
Spatial Tech Standards are unique to students who are blind or low vision; learn how to teach these foundational skills to young students!
What are your dictionary goals?
Here is a fun, interactive activity about the Perkins Braille Writer!
Learn how the Braille AI Tutor game improves braille literacy.
Learn how to embed core subject concepts such as math while you introduce technology to YOUNG children.
What can a 22 month old child who is visually impaired do on an iPad?
Here's a fun book full of horse pictures and horse terms!
Here's a great book to introduce letters and phonetics to emerging readers with CVI!
Download these free tactile braille alphabet sheets for your emerging reader!
Learn how to use the GoodNotes app to quickly create customized PIAF-ready tactile images for Number Corner (prediction math calendar).
Why should braille students have tactile book covers and how do you make them?
Preposition and spatial concepts worksheets
This tool is an easy way to modify images for students with CVI or low vision.
Is your student using the accessible online Desmos Graphing Calculator?
Learn how ObjectiveEd games are beneficial for progress monitoring and IEP meetings!
Check out these interactive math concept games for preschoolers, kindergarten and first grade students!
AnimalWatch Vi has TWO fun math curriculums for students with visual impairments!
Free digital braille games!
Learn more about reindeer!
These mischievous little elves are spreading smiles remotely!
Author, poet and retired family therapist Annie Chiappetta is interviewed by Jose
Students need strong fingers to produce braille using a Perkins and to create gestures used with technology!
NHH-BVI is providing FREE homework help for students with visual impairments!
Check out this Christmas-themed alphabet book for emerging readers!
Improve reading comprehension with this twisted holiday poem!
Touch typing should include the numeric keypad; does your student know and use the ten-key?
Create fun accessible books for the iPad that are EASY to navigate with VoiceOver and a Braille Display!

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