Assistive Technology

Calculate your future with FutureBot!
What do highway numbers mean?
Learn about this app that reinforces braille literacy skills!
Follow Sadie, a beginner reader with CVI, through a series of lessons!
Down on the farm resources!
Emma shares her thoughts about the ECC area of self-determination.
Here is an engaging sight word lesson that can be done in class or remotely!
Helpful accommodations & tools for taking online history classes with low vision, based on my experiences taking 4 online classes in high school & college.
How to make gen ed classroom materials accessible for students with low vision during remote learning.
Create a Wacky Web Tale story and practice the tech commands to navigate to and input text into a text field.
Tactile stories done from a distance can be a challenge.
Emma shares her thoughts about the ECC area of Career Education.
Just released, this app now includes the split tap gesture!
How does a hybrid or distancing learning curriculum platform work for Orientation and Mobility?
Have you tried this portable document camera as a remote instruction tool and/or magnifying device for students with low vision?
Singer/songwriter, author, and speaker Ginny Owens is interviewed by Elora
This classic game is now a easy-to-play computer game!
Use a local map to learn about nearby urban, suburban, and rural communities
What does Emma have to say about the ECC area of Recreation and Leisure?
Where can you find . . . ? Check out this vendor list!
How can I edit a map that I did not create?
Seven disability accommodations I had to request after I started taking classes and exams online as a college student with low vision.
Using the Zoom video conferencing remote control feature to teach BVI students virtually and effectively
Methods for adding and subtracting negative numbers
Audio math lessons for middle and high school students!
How can maps be used to encourage critical thinking? This lesson can be taught remotely!
Emma shares her thoughts about the ECC are of social interaction skills.
Quick Assist provides a simple, free, built-in distance troubleshooting option for vision professionals and students who use Windows computers.
Have you tried these accessible educational games?
Computers running Windows offer a highly capable and accessible platform suitable for facilitating virtual learning.

Explore the growing library of Non-Visual Digital Maps in the online Map Library

Looking for fun literacy activities that can be taught remotely?
Need free accessible digital materials? Check out Paths to Technology's new Resource Library!
Teach your student to build a strong mental map of the whole area then fill in the details!
Learn what Emma thinks about the ECC area, Independent Living Skills.
Can your student answer these social studies questions using the linked accessible map?
Strategies, games and activities: a combination of braille, magnification and tech for an emerging reader!
Using non-visual digital maps to teach street concepts to an elementary student.

Overarching Principles and practical advice

COMS, CATIS, and TVIs earn credits by sharing your knowledge!
Introducing VoiceOver to students? Check out these VoiceOver gesture teaching strategies and apps!
What does Emma think about the ECC area of O&M?
What are the "must haves" for a home learning space in case students do not go back to the classroom?

Mark your calendar and join the live webinar, Wednesday, July 29, 2020 1:00-2:00pm eastern

How to introduce non-visual digital maps to an elementary student and the first in a progressive series of orientation lessons.
Accessible, interactive digital maps for early elementary students? Absolutely!
Learn how to use the non-visual digital maps without a screen reader!
How to unapologetically ask your professors to help over email and get what you want.
We are sad to say that our month of Meal Kit fun has come to an end... but that doesn't mean our blogging has to! Find out what our next topic will be!!
Emma shares her experiences with the ECC area, Assistive Technology.