Assistive Technology

Unscramble this story plot and practice navigating commands, cut and paste.
Learn more about basic lighting terms for low vision and how I configure lighting in my room as a person with low vision.
Does your student know how and when to turn grammatical error announcements on and off?
Having trouble with all the clutter on website articles? This video tutorial will show how to eliminate the extra buttons, ads, and columns!
Video tutorials about how visually impaired users browse the web with various accessibility tools.
Do you - or your student - need help with Nemeth Code? Check out Project Inspire!
Jose interviews Mrs. Penn Street, development and outreach director for audio information network.
Hands-on, reading comprehension, and tech skills are all rolled into these snowman activities!
This comprehensive braille curriculum has braille overlays and tactile braille manipulatives!
JAWS lesson plans organized by tasks complete with vocabulary terms, commands and activities!
Check out these Tech Lessons and Strategies blog posts for the Basic Operations!
How to describe video lectures for audience member who are blind or that have low vision to ensure that all important details are included in the video.
Mark your chords, port, computer keys, etc. with this tactile labeling kit!
Need help aligning assistive tech skills to the national technology standards for elementary students who use a screen reader?
Check out this adventurous game that incorporates sonification and vibrations to make images accessible!
How to use Windows Magnifier on Windows 10 to Zoom in on the screen, and how to customize settings in Windows Magnifier.
Fun Nemeth lessons all prepared and ready to go!
A free solution for users who struggle with brightness/glare when using Google Docs and other websites that do not support dark mode.
Build vocabulary and reading comprehension using these amusing winter puns!
Running around the Sphero City - where can you send your robot?
Over 20 different ideas for DonorsChoose projects that support student with vision loss in the classroom, with special announcement about funding projects!
Use the beloved Grinch to teach alphabetic word signs such as "not", "like" and "but".
This code block app is fully accessible for students who rely on VoiceOver!
Want to know what text is embedded in the image? Watch this student-created video tutorial!
A story about Billie and his experiences with his monocular, Mac.
Age-appropriate IEP goals for a preschooler learning to use VoiceOver on an iPad.
Where do you take your cane?
Learn what tech skills should be mastered in K-12 in order to flourish in college and/or the work place!
How I document my preferred accessibility and AT settings for software that I use in college as a student with low vision.
Use this mischievous elf to teach image description tech skills!
Can your students take notes from an educational video?
Compare the bald eagle vs. the turkey for the US national emblem - a social studies/history note taking and writing activity.
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Keaton interviews Mr. Jeff Thom, a lawyer and advocacy expert.
Honoring the different paths to independence!
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Why you should meet with your college assistive technology specialist and how they can help students and staff with disabilities.
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How family members can share their vacation experiences!
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Orientation and Mobility Specialists: YOU can now create accessible digital maps to help build solid mental mapping skills!
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