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Recently added are two new sections: Tactile Images and Adapted Worksheets. The Tactile Images are images developed specifically for Tactile Graphics Machines (a.k.a. Thermal Image Enhancer or Heat Fuser) such as the PIAF or Swell machines. The Adapted Worksheets are mainstream worksheets that have been adapted for students with low vision and/or CVI. These two new sections can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

The Book Library contains digital resources created by educators, family members, groups, individuals and students. These free resources can be downloaded and used in the classroom and at home and are wonderful resources for remote instruction. 21st century students access "books" in various formats - books are no longer available only as traditional print books. Note: In addition to traditional "books", this page includes other types of educational materials that can be used with students.

The current materials include ePub, iBooks, PDFs, PowerPoint Presentations, and Audio/YouTube books, along with Tactile Images for a Thermal Image Enhancer (e.g., PIAF machine) and even some digital worksheets! ePub books can be interactive and can include pictures, videos, audio clips, and accessible questions. Educators can use these materials to teach and support reading skills and technology skills. With remote instruction due to COVID-19, educators have been seeking accessible materials for students with visual impairments and blindness. The majority of these materials can be used with any device and with any available accessible feature and can be accessed visually, tactually or auditorily. Students can access the digital material on a device using a screen reader, magnification software or paired with a braille display. The TVI can choose to print the material in the desired size or can emboss the material. Do you want traditional paper books in print or braille? No problem - these resources can be printed or embossed! How you choose to use the materials is up to you!

The type of each resource (PDF, ePub, PowerPoint, etc.) is listed after each resource along with information about the accessibility features of that resource (compatibility with a screen reader, braille display and if there are sound hints). Sound hints are often embedded into books for students who use the sounds as a substitute for illustrations and/or as prompts to help an emerging reader "read" the text on the page. Some books are created with sound hints that automatically begin playing when the page opens while other sound hints have buttons that must be selected. 


Tactile Images for Tactile Graphics Machine (e.g., PIAF or Swell)

A tactile graphic machine (a.k.a. thermal image enhancer or heat fuser) is a machine that makes raised line drawings on special paper, called capsule or swell paper. Users can draw, print or photocopy pictures (including braille labels!) onto the swell paper (a.k.a. capsule paper) and pass it through the machine. The heat causes the lines to swell and then the drawing can be read with the fingers. The most commonly used tactile graphics machine is the PIAF (Pictures in a Flash) and Swell.

At the bottom of the Book Library, Paths to Technology has added a new subcategory, Tactile Images. Please share images you have created for a tactile graphics machine!

Here is information on how to create images for tactile graphics machines: Harpo's Producing Tactile Graphics.


Adapted Worksheets

Recently added is a section for adapted worksheets. The currently available worksheets have been modified for students with low vision and/or CVI. These worksheets have simple images with uncluttered backgrounds. Please share your adapted worksheets and help grow this section!


Share Your Books!

Are you creating digital books or resources? Please help us grow this Book Library by sharing your favorite books and resources to Note: Some of the materials do not have accessible images, as the books was originally created for a students with functional vision. If you are creating a book, please include alt text descriptions or image descriptions so that the books are accessible for everyone!

These book resources are loosely organized by the amount of text on each page; many of these books overlap reading abilities and/or can be used in different ways for different reading levels. Remember, a non-reader can enjoy listening to a harder, Easy Reader book in a digital format using a screen reader!

Note: A huge THANK YOU! to University of North Carolina students in Dr. Bishops' class for creating the first group of Pre-Reader iBooks and to R. Saladino for creating numerous Early Reader books!

Book Library Categories

  • Pre-Reader or Emering Reader
  • Early Reader (simple and often repetitive phrases)
  • CVI books (books with visual images designed for students with CVI)
  • Easy Reader (harder content, several sentences or short paragraphs; also appropriate for older students who are beginning readers)
  • Other (books may have educational content for core curriculum, O&M, etc.)
  • Tactile Images (resources for tactile graphic machines or embossers)
  • Adapted worksheets (low vision/CVI)

Pre-Reader or Emerging Reader

Page from The Alphabet Sound book with a simple drawn airplane, sound icon and text, "Airplane"Page from The Beach book with two simple, hand drawn seagulls at the beach, sound icon and text, "I hear seagulls."

Early Reader

Cover of At the Zoo epub with a yak and text, "At the Zoo".Cover of Noelle's Pumpkin Epub with fluffy white cat curled around an orange pumpkin and text, "Noelle's Pumpkin"


Screenshot of Video book with black background, yellow duck and blue water with bubbled text, "duckling"Vegetables ePub cover with red and green peppers, carrots, and cucumbers, sound button and text, "Vegetables" on white, uncluttered background.

CVI-Friendly YouTube Videos 

Note: Many of the PreReader/Emerging Reader books have uncluttered backgrounds and are also appropriate for CVI students!

Easy Reader

Book Cover of Why the Easter Bunny Brings Eggs with a nest of colorful eggs.Cover of the Unknown Soldier iBook with a rifle over a soldier's shoulder in the snow.

Easy Reader Books for Older Students

Other (Educational Content)

O&M lesson epub book with story about Taco Bell trip and multiple choice question.

Note: There are numerous books listed in various sections above that are used for O&M purposes and educational puposes.

Tactile Images

These images are designed for embossers and/or tactile graphic machines (also known as thermal image enhancer or heat fusers), to create raised line drawings which can include SimBraille. Images for tactile graphic machines can simply be downloaded, copy the image on Swell paper (also called Capsule paper) and run it through a PIAF machine or other tactile graphics machine to create the tactile image.

Be sure to check out these additional free tactile image libraries available.

The tactile images available below on Paths to Technology typically have accompanying educational lessons.

Image of accessible tactile reindeer with raised lines and braille created on Swell paper using a PIAF machine.

Photo of PIAF/Swell ready image of the Math Melodies game Absolute Position. A 3x3 table with 4 answer options at bottom of screen and tool bar along right edge of screen. Absolute Position base and advanced pdf for PIAF/Swell graphics machine PIAF/Swell graphics created and shared by Jessica McDowell; embossable tactile graphics created and shared by Transcribing Mariners. Note: The PIAF/Swell diagrams can be used as an overlay on top of the iPad for the Math Melodies game, Absolute Position.

Photo of tactile overlay for Math Melodies Addition 1st grade advanced level. Addition Overlay docx for embosser (for Math Melodies app, 1st grade Advanced Level) Embossable diagrams created by Transcribing Mariners and PIAF/Swell machine diagrams created by Jessica McDowell. Note: The PIAF/Swell diagrams can be used as an overlay on top of the iPad for the Math Melodies game, Addition.

PIAF/Swell Tactile Graphics Image of the Add or Delete Math melodies game Add or Delete 1st grade base and advanced color pdf for PIAF/Swell Graphics Machine. PIAF/Swell graphics created and shared by Jessica McDowell; embossable tactile graphics created and shared by Transcribing Mariners. Note: The PIAF/Swell diagrams can be used as an overlay on top of the iPad for the Math Melodies Add and Delete game!

Photo of PIAF-ready Audacity app's screen. Audacity Swell PDF (Audacity App's Screen) Shared by S.C.O.E. Vision Support

Simple Solid image of a bat flying with wings spread. Bat

Image of 3 (rubber duck shaped) solid ducks in a row. Counting Ducks 3 PDF

Image of Counting Duck page with 5 small "rubber duck-type" solid images. The duck beaks are lighter grey color. Counting Ducks 5 PDF

Counting 5 ducks page with a horizontal line under the ducks in each row to assist students in straight line tracking. Counting Ducks 5 with Lines PDF

Image of 3 simple, solid ducks in a row. At the bottom of the page are spaced out braille Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Counting Ducks with Answers PDF

Image of 4 small, solid ducks in the first row and three small, solid cows in the second row. Counting Ducks and Cows PDF

Full page image of a simple, solid cow with the word "cow" in braille. Cow Full Size PDF

Screenshot of tactile graphic with four different sizes of Sim Braille with text, "Adding Braille font to an iPad". Font Size Comparison (Page with different Swell-Braille simulated braille font sizes - options to help you determine the right size font for standard braille dots when creating tactile graphic labels on an iPad using the GoodNotes app.)

photo of Find My Friend with choices in print and sim braille ready for the tactile graphics machine. Find a Friend PIAF.docx

Photo of the tactile Bear Hunt coding grid with raised picture symbols and braille labels and  Bear Hunt Coding Grid Swell PDF

Photo of attached file for the Brown Bear grid with tactile images and braille created with swell paper. Brown Bear Coding Grid Swell PDF (3 pages: tactile images, image key and grid with braille labels only)

Braille "e" coloring page: 6-dot braille cell with black dots for 1 and 5, outline drawing of an elephant, and SimBraille "e". Braille Alphabet Coloring Pages (A-Z coloring pages - one page for each letter)

PIAF-reading online of "D" braille coloring page with Donald Duck and D in braille. Braille Alphabet Coloring Pages Part 2 (A-Z coloring pages - 1 page for each letter)

Simple black line drawing of the cat and the cat bed - ideal for PIAF machine. Cat PIAF png (spatial concepts/prepositions) Shared by Dr. Blevins

Photo of clip art coloring page of an Osprey as a tactile book cover. Clip Art coloring pages (Creating PIAF Tactile Images: Graphic Book Cover post using clip art coloring book images)

Photo of the outline of the coconut tree coloring page with shapes indicated what color to use in each area. Color-by-Shape Workshee Coconut Tree

Photo of the modified mouse color-by-shape worksheet with fewer lines. Color-by-Shape Mouse2 (modified/simple version) The post contains original (more complex mouse version) and the mouse2 only (no shapes, letters or numbers of the simple mouse2.)

Conjunction Image: Southwest sky on Dec. 21st with the moon, Jupiter/Saturn, Altair, Deneb, Fomalaut, & Vega labeled. Conjunction Swell PDF (3 pages depicting the southwest sky and west sky and two print pages of images) Note: Conjunction occurs when any two astronomical objects (in this case Jupiter and Saturn) appear to be close together in the sky, as observed from Earth.

Simple black line drawing of dog and firetruck images - ideal for PIAF machine. Dog PIAF png (spatial concepts/prepositions) Shared by Dr. Blevins

photo of PIAF-ready image of electromagnetic Spectrum with braille text. Electromagnetic Spectrum Swell PDF Shared by Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Image of a magmatic environments (active volcano) with text, "Geoscience Tactile Images"

Simple Outline image of a flying ghost with eyes and open mouth.  Ghost

PIAF/Swell-ready Graphics Machine image of Google Drive Google Drive PIAF pdf (created and shared by S.C.O.E. Vision Support)

Print of Google Slides (Puppy slide)PDF for PIAF/Swell Graphics Machine Google Slide PIAF pdf (created and shared by S.C.O.E. Vision Support)

Image of the Halloween matching worksheet with ghost, bat, pumpkin and gum drops in random order in two columns. Halloween Matching Worksheet

Photo of print Halloween Suduko puzzle for tactile graphics machine. Bat, ghost, pumpkin and gum drops each appear 3 times in a 4x4 grid. Halloween Suduko worksheet

Print image of the iPad's Home Screen for PIAF/Swell graphics machine iPad Home Screen Portrait Piaf pdf and iPad Home Screen Portrait docx (for embossers). PIAF/Swell graphics created and shared by Jessica McDowell; embossable tactile graphics created and shared by Transcribing Mariners. Note: The PIAF/Swell graphic can be used as an overlay on top of the iPad!

Original Parts of a Bat print worksheet with a bat outline and boxes for word labels. Plain bat outline and Bat with textures

3 pages of PIAF Math calendar (Number Corner)  Math Calendar Page 1, Math Calendar Page 2 and Math Calendar Page 3

Print image of the Math Robot app screen with braille for PIAF/Swell graphics machine Math Robot for EmbossersMath Robot with Braille pdf for PIAF/Swell Graphics Machine, and Math Robot without Braille pdf for PIAF/Swell Graphics Machine (can add braille with Perkins after graphic created) PIAF/Swell graphics created and shared by Jessica McDowell; embossable tactile graphics created and shared by Transcribing Mariners

Screenshot of Math Worksheet: Missing Factor. First equation is 10 = 5x (solve for x). Math Worksheet: Missing Factor (solve for X) accessible web page

Screenshot of Math worksheet: Multiple by 10. First equation is 12 x 10 = Math Worksheet: Multiply by 10 (accessible web page)

Screenshot of math Worksheet: Multiple and Divide by 10, 100, and 1,000. First equation is 54,000 x 10 =  Math Worksheet: Multiple and Divide by 10, 100, and 1,000 (accessible web page)

screenshot of math worksheet: Multiplying Fractions. First equation is 1/4 x 1/2 = Math Worksheet: Multiplying Fractions (accessible web page)

Screenshot of Math Worksheet: Add fractions with unlike units. First equation is 1/2 + 1/3 =. Math Worksheet: Add fractions with unlike units (accessible web page)

Screenshot of Math Worksheet: Subtracting Decimals. 2nd equation is 5.9 - 1 = Math Worksheet: Subtracting Decimals (accessible web page)

Raised line dog maze with multiple path options. Maze: Dog (raised line maze with several dead-end paths) for tactile graphics machine.

Simple preschool "stay between the lines" type maze leading to a dolphin. Maze: Dolphin ("stay between the lines" simple, one path maze leading to a dolphin) for a tactile graphics machine.

photo of the PIAF-ready planet Mars image with braille text, "Mars". Planets and Stellar Images Swell PDF (17 images of planets and some major types of galaxies) Shared by Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Outline Image of a big pumpkin above a little pumpkin.  Pumpkin Big and Little Worksheet

Image of a carved pumpkin, with circles for eyes, triangular nose and carved mouth (with teeth).  Pumpkin Carved Worksheet

Photo of the Pumpkin color by shape worksheet.  Pumpkin Color-by-Shape Worksheet      

  Image of 6 solid pumpkins: Pumpkins Counting worksheet. Pumpkin Counting Worksheet        

Photo of a plain coloring page of a pumpkin with rib lines.  Pumpkin Plain Coloring Page Worksheet

Image of a large (full page) solid black pumpkin.  Pumpkin Solid Large Worksheet

4 photos of the pumpkin life cycle for tactile graphics machine: seed, flower, vines with small pumpkin and pumpkin. Pumpkin Life Cycle images (Images are cut out and student places them in sequence or in circular life cycle pattern)

Pumpkins matching worksheet: 2 columns each with a solid pumpkin, plain pumpkin and carved pumpkin.  Pumpkin Matching Worksheet

Pumpkins Same and Different: 5 of the six pumpkins are plain pumpkins and the 6th pumpkin is carved. Pumpkin Same and Different Worksheet

Image of accessible tactile reindeer with raised lines and braille created on Swell paper using a PIAF machine. Reindeer Swell PDF Shared by Jessica McDowell

Same and Different Shapes Worksheet: 3 solid squares and a triangle. Same and Different Easy Shapes worksheet 

Same and Different Ducks worksheet: 3 solid ducks and one cow Same and Different Easy Ducks worksheet

Same and Different shapes worksheet with 3 random solid circles and 3 squares. Same and Different Shapes worksheet

Same and Different Matching Shapes worksheet with a solid square, triangle and circle on the left to be matched with corresponding shapes on the right. Same and Different Matching Shapes worksheet

Same and Different shapes in a Row Worksheet with 3 rows. First shape in the row is given and student finds either the same or different shape in that row. Same and Different Shapes in a Row worksheet

worksheet image with a colorful circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, square, and diamond 25 pages of shape-related graphics are available in this post!

  • Creating Tactile Graphics Images Part 5: Shapes This post has 25 pages of tactile graphic shape-related images which are ready for a tactile graphic machine, including solid shapes, outlined shapes, individual pages with one shape per page, big/little shape pages, multiple shapes per mage, pages with shapes in random locations on the page, Geometry shapes, fun shapes etc. The post includes how to create/modify shape  worksheets, teaching tactile graphics skills, preposition concepts, big/little concepts, and more. See the post to access all the shape tactile graphics!

Image of spider coloring page (outline of a spider) for a tactile graphics machine. Spider Coloring Page 

Image of a large, solid black spider ready for a tactile graphics machine.  Spider: large solid spider image

Image of Spider Life Cycle with Egg sac, spiderlings, adult spider and eggs with braille labels.  Spider Life Cycle Worksheet

Photo of subtraction overlay for the Math Melodies app subtraction with regrouping. Subtraction Overlay docx for embosser (Math Melodies subtraction with regrouping, 1st Grade Advanced). PIAF/Swell graphics created and shared by Jessica McDowell; embossable tactile graphics created by Transcribing Mariners. Note: The PIAF/Swell machine graphic can be used as an overlay on top of the iPad for the Math Melodies game, Subtraction.

Photo of a PIAF-ready worksheet to test student's tactile sensitivity with various line widths, gradient (black to white colors) for highlighter and pen. Test Tactile Graphic pdf

Turkey color-by-shape worksheet: circle = red, square = orange, triangle = brown. Turkey Color-by-shape worksheet

Photo of side-view turkey with textures for the tactile graphics machine. Turkey (Label the Turkey) Worksheet (side view of turkey)

Coloring page a front facing turkey. Turkey Plain Coloring worksheet (front view of turkey)

6 Black and white tactile valentine's hearts with "be Mine" in braille in the center of each heart. Valentine "Be Mine" Stickers (6 large black and white stickers with braille "be Mine" in the center.)

Image of numerous small and middle sized hearts in black, grey, red and pink and a hand-drawn cat face. Valentine's Day Stickers (3 pages of colorful small and medium hearts, cat, dog, and braille stickers)

Image of PIAF-ready Zoom Visual Screen with tactile symbols and braille text. Zoom Visual Screen Swell PDF (Zoom virtual meeting app's screen) Shared by S.C.O.E. Vision Support


Adapted Worksheets

Modified for Students with Low Vision and/or CVI

picture of cat matching worksheet with word choices on left (in, left, right, under, above, behind) and cat images with cat bed or table in the right column. Cat Spatial Matching pdf (spatial concepts/prepositions worksheet) shared by Dr. Blevins

Cat cut and paste worksheet with cat images and blank boxes underneath on the first page and spatial words on the second page.  Cat spatial cut and paste pdf (spatial concepts/prepositions) shared by Dr. Blevins

Matching worksheet: in front, left, right, under, above in left column and images of dog and firetruck in right column. Dog Spatial Matching pdf (spatial concepts/prepositions worksheet) Shared by Dr. Blevins

Images of dog and firetruck with preposition words to be cut and pasted below the associated picture. Dog Cut and Paste pdf (spatial concepts/prepositions) shared by Dr. Blevins


Creating and Using Accessible Digital Books

Guidelines for Creating Resources shared on Paths to Technology

  • Never include personal information about yourself or others – if necessary, only use first names.
  • Paths to Technology must have a Perkins Media Release signed by a parent/legal guardian before posting an iBook that contains a student picture or video.
  • iBook content and language must be appropriate for all ages.
  • Only unpublished books can be posted, published books must have written author permission.
  • Images should be Creative Common images from websites such as, author's photos, or created by the author. Do not use copyrighted images without permission!
  • Include alt text image descriptions.
  • Include multiple formats (PPT, PDF, Word, etc.)


These resources are created and shared by individuals. Some of the resources in this section of Paths to Technology may feature images and sounds that are protected by copyright. Where possible, permission to use the images and sounds has been sought; however, if you are the copyright owner of any sound or image and would rather they were not used in these teaching activities for students with visual impairments and blindness, please contact and the resource containing the copyrighted material will be removed.