Student Posts

Man traveling down the sidewalk bumping into Pokemon GO players.

How Pokémon GO Affects Blind Travelers: spoof video

Here's a fun video about Pokemon from a blind person's perspective!
Text Grabber Logog

TextGrabber: an OCR app

Student review of the text grabber app.
Cartoon girl holding a cane and wearing an Apple watch.

Blind Apple Engineer Instrumental on Making Coding Accessible for Blind Students

Interested in working for Apple? Read about Apple's blind engineer!
Kahmile using the NatSci museum app with VoiceOver.

NC State Engineering Camp for Visually Impaired: Kahmile's Perspective

High school student with visual impairments writes about his NC Engineering VIB Camp experience.
Two teenagers with albinism.

Dancing Eyes: Two Teens Created a Film about Albinism

Teens share their story about living with albinism.
Screenshot of Paths to Technology Student Post page with Add a Student Post marked.

How to a Post on Paths to Technology: STUDENT

Information on how to post and add a comment to the Student Page of Paths to Technology website.
Screenshot of live video interview, "How to Do the Blind Code and Debug Software"

An Autobiography of a Blind Programmer

Can a blind person become a computer programmer?
Holding an iPad with magnified screen, a teenage boy fills out a form.

Scanning a Print Document and Filling Out on the iPad: Video

Demonstration of using Scanner Pro and Adobe Fill and Sign apps on the iPad.
Image of student demonstrating Zoom on an iPad.

Drew: Zoom Feature on the iPad Video

Video of a student demonstrating the Zoom feature on the iPad.
Girl long blond hair is smiling at camera

Samantha: Self-Advocating Transition to Middle School Video

Video demonstrating student's eye condition, educational needs and personality as student transitions to middle school.
Fingers flying on an iPhone

Luisa using Maps on an iPhone

This is a demonstration of how I use the Maps app on an iPhone.
Luisa sitting in front of a computer with her hands on the keyboard.

Luisa: Bookshare Download to SD Card Reader using JAWS

I like to download my books from Bookshare on an SD Card Reader. In this video, I am using a Dell computer and JAWS as I explain how to do this to my TVI.
Image of Geneva with her iPad and Bluetooth keyboard

Geneva: iPad Success Story Video

Geneva shares how she went from, "Day 1 knowing nothing" to learning how to navigate the iPad.
7th grade girl with Albinism

Interview with Samantha

In this 5-minute video, Samantha, who is a 7th grade girl with albinism, discusses the types of technology she uses.
Girl with albinism holding iPhone

Samantha Talks About iPhone 6S

In this video, a 7th grade student with albinism talks about why she likes the iPhone 6S.
7th grade student with curly long hair using a Braille Sense U2.

Luisa Interview: Using Assistive Tech

Luisa, a 7th grade student, talks about how she uses assistive technology including using her Braille Sense U2 (Braille Notaker) and her favorite iOS apps.