Tech Ideas

Fingers inputting braille on refreshable braille display.

Brian: Learning to Write with an iPad and Refreshable Braille Display Video

A totally blind student with multiple disabilities learning to write using an iPad and refreshable braille display.
Image of fingers reading the braille on a refreshable braille display

Brian: Learning to Read with an iPad and Refreshable Braille Display Video

Video demonstrating high school student with multiple disabilities learning to read using an iPad and refreshable braille display.
image of CCTV device and magnified screen

College Experience/Advice from a Mom

The difference between a student from high school to college.
image of fingers reading a braille book

College Experiences/Advice from a Braille Reader

Personal Experience about using technology in college from a Braille Reader
Screenshot of Tactile Map iPad Overlay

Creating a Tactile Overlay

Instructions on how to create a tactile overlay for the iPad.
Logo: A red blindfold between the words "Word" and "Games".

Blindfold Word Games: Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman and Unscramble

Blindfold Word Games are an accessible iOS app that includes Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman and Unscramble.
Two fingers on the iPhone displaying the rotor symbol.

VoiceOver Rotor Options on iDevices

Learn how to use the Rotor on iOS devices: information and activities.
Pages homework document with words selected.

Selecting Text in iOS 9: new rotor command

Here's a great new feature in iOS 9!
App logo: red treble clef and "MM".

Math Melodies: iOS App

Math Melodies is an accessible math iOS app designed to teach math concepts and math problems.
Image of an adorable four year old using an iPad with VoiceOver gestures.

Layla: 4 Year Old Learning VoiceOver and Braille Video

Video of a blind preschooler and her first three accessible apps.
Logo: Black background with white"bs" in braille.

Intro to BlindSquare: iOS Navigation App

Basic introduction to the BlindSquare iOS navigation app.
Image of Visual Brailler app logo: VB in braille and print text.

Visual Brailler App: Must-Have app for Braille Transcribers!

Visual Brailler is braille editor app for the iPad.
Screenshot of Google Translate

Google Translate: Foreign Language Translation

Using Google Translate and a preferred speech synthesizer to translate text and to speak a foreign language correctly.
Image of book cover with title and picture of hands reaching for the stars

Reach for the Stars: An Accessible Astronomy textbook

A fully accessible astronomy book with digital charts, graphs, and images.
Image of University of North Carolina's well icon

Tar Heel Reader: Create and Read Accessible Books

Tar Heel Read is a free on-line resource giving students access to easy-to-read, teacher created accessible books.
Image of Blindfold Hopper App: green frog with red blindfold

Blindfold Hopper iPhone App

Blindfold Hopper is a fun, accessible iPhone game that can also teach basic sonification skills.
Howard the Hedgehog standing before a sign, "Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam".

Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam: e-Book

"Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam" is an interactive e-book to that prepares young children for visit to the eye doctor.