Tech Ideas

Image of question mark around a human head and text, "What's Next for College-Aspiring Learners? Webinar"

What's Next for College-Aspiring Learners? Webinar

Tech, Literacy and Educational Equity: Exploring What's Next and Necessary for College-Aspiring Learners with Blindness and Low Vision.
Photo of smiling Kaleigh with short dark curly hair in Zoom interview and text, "Kaleigh: Tools for College Success!"

Kaleigh's Tools to Access Education in College Interview

Kaleigh, a successful braille reader/screen reader user (and Paths to Technology blogger!) shares her K12 experiences that helps her succeed in college!
microphone icon and text, "Dictation: iOS 15"

iOS 15 Dictation Update

No time limit!
BrailleBlaster logo with text, "BrailleBlaster 2.0"

Braille Blaster 2.0 Update

Learn about the recent Braille Blaster update!
Colorful cartoon people silhouttes holding hands and text,"National Registry for TVIs"

National Registry for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments

Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments are coming together to have a NATIONAL professional voice!
Graphic with text: "Ed Games Expo: Special Education Showcase. CAST: Until leaning has no limits."

Game Changing Video

The importance of accessible technology from the perspectives of students and adults who need and use it!
Text: STEM Survey

College STEM Survey

Recruiting college students who have taken a STEM course.
Cartoon computer monitor with image of a brain and text, "College Success Webinar"

Tech, Literacy & Education Equity for College Aspiring Learners Webinar

Understanding the barriers to success in college and career for students who are blind and low vision.
JAWS logo on a computer screen and text, "Braille Math Editor Update"

Braille Math Editor: JAWS and Fusion

Check out these Braille Math Editor updates!
Reflections logo and text, "Reflections of COVID Study"

Reflections on a Year of Education During COVID Study

Let your voice be heard! Share your experiences about how the pandemic impacted education of students with visual impairments.
Project Inspire logo and text, "Geometry and Tactile Graphics 3-8th".

Geometry and Tactile Graphics for Students in Grades 3 to 8

Want to brush up on how to support your student in geometry?
Mystery Box and math cubes with text, "Nemeth in a Box."

Nemeth in a Box: Summer Program for Middle School Students

Summer math program for braille students grades 6-8!
Tool box full of tools and text, "Blind Scientist Tools"

Tools Used by Blind Scientists

Are you familiar with the various tools - and how to use these tools - used by blind and low vision scientists?

Accessibility, Advocacy, and Allies in the Workplace: A Community Conversation with Veronica Lewis

Connect with Veroniiica, a popular blogger who writes about her experiences as a successful student with low vision.
Photo of BrailleSense 6 and text, "BrailleSense 6 Overview"

BrailleSense 6 Overview: Video Tutorial

Learn about the new features in the BrailleSense 6!

Activity Bank for Disabilities: Resource

Activities for students with multiple needs.
Graphic: 2021 National Coding Symposium hosted by APH ConnectCenter and California School for the Blind

National Coding Symposium 2021

This is a Free national coding symposium for students who are blind or low vision!
Silhouette of dog in a harness with text, "Online Guide Dog Workshops"

Guide Dog Online Workshops for Students: Part 2

Recorded Guide Dog workshop for students interested in guide dogs!
Image of technical drawing tools and outline of a drawn house and text, "STEM Summer Program"

STEM Summer Program: Own Your Space!

Visual STEM summer program for high school students.
Graphic with text, "iOS 14.4 Braille Display Issue"

Braille Display and iOS 14.4 bug

Important accessibility bug for braille display users!