Voice Dream Reader for Mac

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Apple computer monitor displaying Voice Dream Reader logo and text, "Voice Dream Reader For Mac"

Voice Dream Reader enables users to listen to any document and ebook using text-to-speech. A versatile reading tool for iOS and Android has features a variety of voices and enables the user to customize the font size and text. Voice Dream Reader is popular with students and adults who are blind, low vision, dyslexic, and ADD/ADHD. 

Winston Chen, the creator of Voice Dream Reader stated that he has received more requetss for a Mac version than any other platform. Now, ten years after Voice Dream Reader for iOS was released, Reader has taken full advantage of the Mac features, which enables the user to do things faster and with more efficiently when using the Reader for MacOS. iCloud synchronization keeps your library up-to-date on all your devices!

Reader for macOS is offered as a monthly subscription with a 14-day free trial. Read more about the reasons behind a monthly subscription here.

Download Voice Dream Reader for Desktop in the Mac App Store. (Note: The actual name is Voice Dream Reader for Desktop; Apple does not allow "macOS" or "Macs" in the app's name.)