TypeAbility: Typing and Computer Tutor Program

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Young Student using TypeAbility with MAGic magnification.

Update April 2020:

TypeAbility 4.4.1 supports JAWS 13 through JAWS 2022, and Fusion 2018 through 2022!

TypeAbility is a typing and computer program for students using JAWS  (screen reader) or MAGic (magnification software).  This program will help students master keyboarding skills, including all the letters, and punctuation; students will also learn how to navigate and edit within dialog boxes and text documents.  Students will quickly learn how to launch, run and choose lessons.  After initial guidance, even non-typing students will be able to use the program independently.  TypeAbility also offers support for one-handed typists.

TypeAbiity 4.3 for JAWS (released Sept. 4, 2015).  Supports JAWS 8 and higher, including JAWS 17.

TypeAbility Downloads

Want to give TypeAbility a try?  You can trial TypeAbility up to 15 times! (You need to have JAWS, Fusion or MAGic install on your computer.)

Download TypeAbility for JAWS; 15 free trials.

Documentation and Videos

Instructions for Installing TypeAbility 4.3

Instructions for TypeAbility Help

Instructions for TypeAbility Quick Hotkey Help

Video tutorial for Teachers Part 1


Video Turotial for Teachers Part 2


Video Tutorial for Teachers Part 3


For more information visit the TypeAbility website.

View a user's video, Larry Lewis's TypeAbility video.




Posted by John FarinaJul 29, 2016

Hi all, this is a very cool program. I have used it with 2 students over the years. I wish the authors would make it available in a platform that allows for support by other assistive technology, such as nvda and perhaps even a mac version. It is much more fun for students than the APH offering in my book.