Talking Recorder Buttons: Record Classroom Directions

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Colorful set of 5

Record short instructions and students can simply push the button to play back the recording. These brightly colored push button recording devices are fun for all students and are perfect for a classroom with a visually impaired student, student with multiple disabilities, or an emerging reading/non-reading student!  Have a visually impaired student in kindergarten? Record the instructions for the center on individual recording device and place the device in a known location in the appropriate center.  Students can independently push to hear the directions for that center.  Record weekly spelling words on one recording device and encourage students to independently practice spelling words. Did your student miss an assignment or activity in the classroom due to being pulled out for a therapy session? Simply record the missed information/assignment and place the recording button on his/her desk. The student can quietly enter the classroom and push the button to hear the assignment without interrupting his/her peers or teacher.

There are several brands of talking recorders. Learning Resources may be replacing the original Talk Point recording devices with Recordable Answers Buzzers (available in a set of 4).  The Recordable Answer Buzzers are 3.5" in diameter and require 2 AAA batteries; each device can record 7 seconds of information. Amazon carries a variety of "talking recordable buttons".



Posted by Diane BraunerOct 05, 2016

HI Greg,

There are several links to different brands of recording buttons in the post.  You can also do an Internet search for Answer Buttons and/or recording buttons.  They range in price and memory capabilities.  Paths to Technology does not endorse one brand over another.  We would love to hear back from you after you use a recording button - your experiences and any activities that you want to share with other through Paths to Technology!



Posted by Wendy HaleMay 15, 2018

Where can we buy these talking recorder devices?

Posted by Caren S SaundersMay 23, 2018

We would like to purchase this device and would like to know where we could place an order