Seeking Students (Interviewers) and Adults with VI (Interviewees)

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Seeking TVIs or parents who are currently working with K-12 students with visual impairments and who would be interested in helping students interview adults with visual impairments for a podcast (using conference call technology, not face-to-face). The goal: create interesting content for the career-awareness segment of the ECC for students to review and engage with from home during the pandemic. I have several interested interviewees, I have a Zoom account, and I'm setting up social media and technology tools to make this engaging, but I need collaborators. Please message me if you can help.

Student Interviewers

It's My Job is now hoping to develop a list of blind/visually impaired students (kindergarten through 12th grade) who would like to conduct interviews, as well as adults who would like to be interviewed. 

Would you like to be an interviewer? It’s easy! You can interview an adult who is blind/visually impaired who you already know about his/her career or field of study, or we can match you up with someone from a growing list of people who would like to be interviewed. Here’s the process:

  1. You’ll need to show parent/guardian permission (permission form attached; we can also arrange this via phone and text message if you aren’t able to sign and return the form)
  2. We’ll help you schedule a day and time for the interview.
  3. You prepare 10 interview questions which are sent to us at It’s My Job, and we forward them to the interviewee (or, if you already know your interviewee, you can work on the interview question together).
  4. We’ll help you conduct a 15-20 minute interview using Zoom (telephone or computer).

Recorded interviews will be edited, captioned, and uploaded as podcast episodes, to be shared via social media. We hope that the It’s My Jobpodcast will help students learn about a wide range of career opportunities. The episodes will be especially useful now while students and teachers are working from home, and they’ll remain available for use in the future.

To ask questions, suggest topics, or ask how to become an interviewer or interviewee, contact us:

Phone (text or voicemail): 202-688-5044
Facebook: @AskItsMyJob
Google Classroom:, classroom code USULXEQ (must connect with a personal Google account, not a school/business account)
YouTube Channel: It's My Job

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