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Editor's Note: Another great opportunity to hone your Nemeth code skills! Project INSPIRE is a tried and true method to learn or enhance your skills. "INSPIRE" is an acronym for Increasing the STEM Potential of Individuals Who Read Braille. This course is geared for teachers working with middle grades and includes Nemeth code and strategies for supporting your middle schoolers in general education STEM-related courses. Do you need a refresher on using/teaching a graphing calculator? How to construct different types of graphs? This 6-week online course covers it all! Summer is the perfect time to work through this 6-week course at your leisure. Take advantage of this amazing training opportunity!

From Project INSPIRE

We will be repeating the online course, “Nemeth Code Symbols Used in the Middle Grades and Strategies for Supporting Math Learning.” This course includes lessons about transcribing math materials for students in Grades 5 to 8; resources and strategies to support math learning in the middle grades; how students can construct different types of graphics used in middle school STEM courses; using a graphing calculator; connecting middle school literature to math concepts and symbols; and teaching math skills, including Nemeth Code, to students with visual impairments and additional disabilities.

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