Graphic Literacy Skills: Survey

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Chalk drawing of a bar chart and pie chart and text, "Graphic Literacy Survey"

Editor's Note: Graphic literacy is a critical and foundational component in preschool and elementary school classrooms. Students who are visually impaired benefit from additional instruction on using tactile graphics in order to be successful in gen ed classrooms. This is YOUR opportunity to share your experiences about teaching graphic literacy in order to support the development of instructional materials and tools. Please complete the graphic literacy survey below:

Are you a TVI who would love to have some tools to use to teach your braille reading PK-5th grade students how to read and locate information in bar graphs, line graphs, and other types of graphics? If you said “yes” then help us to gather data to show the need for developing instructional materials for this group of learners. To obtain funding, we need TVIs to complete a 20-minute survey to share their experiences when working with braille readers in PK-5th grade. Are you a US TVI with more than 3 years of experience who has taught braille to at least one PK-5th grade student in the 2019-2020 school year or beyond? If yes, by June 1 please take our survey. 

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