Chromebook Settings & Accessibility videos

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Graphic: Chromebook Settings and Accessibility to support teaching & learning with Avra Robinson. has created 8 quick Chromebook accessibility videos. "The Chromebook provides a wide variety of settings and accessibility options for users - specifically teachers and students. In this series, we explore how these features and functions can support teaching and learning."

The Chromebook videos are quick, 3 to 5 minute videos on the following topics:

  • Accessibility Icon in the System Menu Tray 
  • Utilizing the Dictation Tool on Chromebooks
  • Chromebook Accessibility Customizing Font and Text Size
  • Select to Speak on Chromebook (Accessibility)
  • Touchpad Settings on Chromebook (Accessibility)
  • Mouse Cursors & More on Chromebook (Accessibility)
  • Display Setting on Chromebook 

YouTube link to the Chromebook videos.

Here is the first video, Accessibility Icon in the System Menu Tray: