Can't Read a Book (Without Braille on the Cover) song

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Girl singing into a microphone with text, "Can't read a Book (without Braille on the cover)"

I just love seeing how talented students are! Check out this group of 5 who performed the song, "Can't Read A Book  (Without Braille On the Cover)". Written by Precious Perez, the song reflects some of the things these students believe in! Here are the lyrics from the first stanza of the song:

Can't write a letter without some literacy,

Can't walk around without mobility,

You can't pet a guide dog without asking it's owner,

You can't read a book without braille on the cover,

Oh, can't you see? You can't doubt me!


Can't Read a Book (without Braille on the Cover) was performed by Precious Perez, Noe Socha, Oveante Magsby, Shane Lowe, and John Dowling. The video is orginally published on the National Braille Press YouTube channel.