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Tech Standards: Creating Keynote Presentations Part 2

Macy, with Challenge Solutions, shares a video tutorial with her tips for students learning to create a Keynote presentation.

Spatial Tech Standards 1: Directional Terms

Spatial Tech Standards are unique to students who are blind or low vision; learn how to teach these foundational skills to young students!

"Dictionary" Skills and Tech

What are your dictionary goals?

How to Check for App Accessibility?

Is your app accessible? What do you look for?

Tech Standards: Keynote Presentations with VoiceOver Activity Part 1

Step-by-step instructions and video tutorial on how to introduce early elementary students to creating Keynote presentations!

Tech Standards: Adding Image Descriptions to iOS Photos

How to add "captions" or image descriptions to photos - a critical Tech skill for students who are blind or low vision.

Tech Standards: Accessing Keynote Presentations with VoiceOver

Step-by-step instructions on how to access a Keynote presentation geared for Preschoolers and early elementary students.

Build a Mental Map of Campus

Before attending a summer session or event at the school for the blind, use a digital non-visual map to build a mental map of campus!

TinyTap App: CVI-Friendly Books and Games

Great resource to create your own INTERACTIVE book or find teacher-created CVI-friendly resources!

VoiceOver Teaching Strategies: Spatial Concepts Activity

How to introduce a new app to a student and to build foundation spatial and directional concepts.

ObjectiveEd: Sara and Kai Use Braille AI Tutor

Learn how the Braille AI Tutor game improves braille literacy.

Zoom-Zoom: How to Magnify Zoom Chat on a Chromebook

Low vision strategies for remote learning using the Zoom platform and a Chromebook.

Remote iPad Instruction with a Toddler: Mother's Perspective

This working mother of three shares her experiences of introducing her toddler to an iPad during the pandemic!

Remote iPad Instruction with a Toddler: Luke

What can a 22 month old child who is visually impaired do on an iPad?

Teaching a Virtual Class: Zoom Etiquette

Strategies to help your students who are blind or low vision to participate with poise during virtual meetings.

Cash Reader

The best money-reading app for the blind and the visually impaired.

NY Maps: Union Square and Washington Square Park

Explore these New York City parks with the free SAS Graphics Accelerator software!

Teaching the Number Line - Lesson and Tips (CVI)

Follow Sadie as she learns about number lines!

Alphabet Bubble Book: CVI Emerging Reader

Here's a great book to introduce letters and phonetics to emerging readers with CVI!

Braille Alphabet Coloring Pages

Download these free tactile braille alphabet sheets for your emerging reader!