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Creating Tactile Graphics Images Part 7: Color the Picture Worksheet

Quickly convert the color-by-number or color-by-shape worksheets into accessible tactile graphic worksheets.

Envision #4: Making PowerPoints Easy to Navigate!

Blind people need PowerPoints too!

Best OCR Apps for the Visually Impaired

Review of the most popular accessible OCR apps.

Envision #3: Keep It Simple! How to Simplify College Notes

A video tutorial for students on how to take notes in class using Word and JAWS and how to organize these notes.

Digitally Accessible Math Worksheets

Accessible math worksheets for the digital classroom - includes step-by-step instructions on how to access these worksheets!

The Eclipse Soundscapes: Mobile Application makes eclipses accessible

An interactive, accessible app for iOS and Android devices!

Creating Tactile Graphics Images Part 6: Characters and Counting

Continue building math numeracy with fun tactile characters (animals and objects) and counting skills.

Creating Digital Images Part 2A: Braille Font and GoodNotes App

You can add Braille Font to your iOS device - including importing braille font to apps like GoodNotes!

Understanding the "Ribbon" in Microsoft Word: Screen Reader Activities

Build a mental map and full understanding of the ribbon using these activities!

General Guidelines for Creating Non-Visual Maps of K12 Schools, Camps and Parks

This Eagle Scout Project includes guidelines for creating accessible maps and map examples.

Microsoft Immersive Reader Update

Immersive Reader, a reading tool, is now available in Outlook Desktop, Teams mobile, OneDrive and SharePoint!

Day One: An Accessible Journaling App

Start the school year with a daily journal activity!

Envision #1: Create and Organize Class Folders

Preparing students for college success through Envision, a series of videos by Dany Acosta!

Creating Tactile Graphics Images Part 4: Maze Worksheets

Build those preschool & early elementary skills with simple to create - and share - Mazes using the GoodNotes app and a tactile graphics machine.

Creating Non-Visual Digital Maps of Metropolitan Areas

Best practices when creating metro maps!

How to Add Alt Text to Facebook Page

TVIs should be setting the example - make your Facebook posts accessible!

How I Outline Research Papers with OneNote

Learn how I outline research papers with OneNote, a free Microsoft Office application that is available across many devices and supports AT.

Creating Digital Images Part 2: 3 Braille Tips

How to quickly create tactile iPad overlays using a tactile graphics machine, how to add sim braille, and how to add print and braille.

Creating Digital Images for Tactile Graphics Machines, Part 1

Step-by-step tutorial on how to quickly and easily create digital images to run through a PIAF or Swell machine.

Highcharts: Accessible, Interactive Charts and Graphs

Making charts, graphs and maps on websites and mobile apps accessible!