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Updated Braille Blocks for CodeSnaps App

Get started with coding activities with the Sphero robot and free CodeSnaps app!

Braille Boom Cards: Braille Learning Series 4

Practice UEB Strong Word and Group Signs with this fun game!

Monster: Note Taking Skills Part 2

Take notes about this hot headed monster!

Map Explore: Using Customized Questions

Learn how to play Map Explore and answer the customized map questions.

Map Explore: Using Customize Maps

Orientation and Mobility Specialists: YOU can now create accessible digital maps to help build solid mental mapping skills!

Shenandoah National Park Vacation: Experience Book

Turn that special vacation into an emerging reader book - a lifelong memory!

California Map Lesson 1

How to quickly create quality maps - including maps of YOUR state!

Emerging Reader Books: Instruments and Drums

Learn about and listen to musical instruments in these two digital books!

How I Use the Apple Pencil with Low Vision

Here are my favorite uses for the Apple Pencil and how I use it in the classroom, workplace, and as a blogger.

Math Games and Activities for Home for Students with Visual Impairments

Family Game Night? Try these entertaining math-related games!

Pumpkin Life Cycle Lesson: Presentation (Powerpoint)

Build concepts, tactile graphics skills and technology skills with these pumpkin life cycle activities for students who are visually impaired!

Monster: Note Taking Skills

Monster-themed activities to introduce digital note taking skills to gen ed students and students with visual impairments.

Veteran's Day and Red Poppy Activities

Learn how two famous poems created the poppy Veteran's Day tradition. (Activities include a craft, poems and research!)

Blackboard Ally: Make your Learning Management System (LMS) accessible!

This accessibility tool integrates seamlessly with your Learning Management System!

Halloween Suduko Part 2: Tactile Graphics

Tactile graphics can be spooky and spectacular!

iOS 15: Haptic Feedback

Learn more about haptic feedback options for iPhones!

Creating Tactile Graphics Images Part 8: Multiple Pumpkin Worksheets

Learn how to create multiple worksheets using the same images! Note: These images are great for low vision and CVI students too!

Challenge Solutions: Canvas on a Mac with VoiceOver

A video tutorial of the Canvas virtual platform using a Mac with VoiceOver.

Creating Tactile Graphics Images Part 8: Same and Different Worksheets

Build the concepts of "same" and "different" with these accessible tactile worksheets!

4to24 App: Preparing Your Child for Success!

4to24 is a resource for parents of children and youth who are blind or have low vision and are between the ages of 4 and 24 years.