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Color Change App: Google

Review of the Color App for Chrome Books.

Interactive Stories

Tips on using interactive stories on an iPad to teach children who are blind or visually impaired to use VoiceOver and Refreshable Braille Displays
Holding an iPad with magnified screen, a teenage boy fills out a form.

Scanning a Print Document and Filling Out on the iPad: Video

Demonstration of using Scanner Pro and Adobe Fill and Sign apps on the iPad.
Image of the Nemeth Tutorial logo: "Nemeth Tutorial" text on blue background

Nemeth Tutorial: Web-based Curriculum and Activities

Nemeth Tutorial is a free, web-based curriculum with training activities and practiceexercises for first grade through eleventh grade.
App logo: Young girl with blond curls holding a cane beside her black dog.

Exploring Braille with Madilyn and Ruff: iOS app

Information about an iOS emerging braille app and how to implement this app with a preschooler.
App logo: red treble clef and "MM".

Math Melodies: iOS App

Math Melodies is an accessible math iOS app designed to teach math concepts and math problems.
Logo: A red blindfold between the words "Word" and "Games".

Blindfold Word Games: Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman and Unscramble

Blindfold Word Games are an accessible iOS app that includes Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman and Unscramble.
Logo: Black background with white"bs" in braille.

Intro to BlindSquare: iOS Navigation App

Basic introduction to the BlindSquare iOS navigation app.
Image of Visual Brailler app logo: VB in braille and print text.

Visual Brailler App: Must-Have app for Braille Transcribers!

Visual Brailler is braille editor app for the iPad.
Screenshot of Google Translate

Google Translate: Foreign Language Translation

Using Google Translate and a preferred speech synthesizer to translate text and to speak a foreign language correctly.
Image of University of North Carolina's well icon

Tar Heel Reader: Create and Read Accessible Books

Tar Heel Read is a free on-line resource giving students access to easy-to-read, teacher created accessible books.
Image of Blindfold Hopper App: green frog with red blindfold

Blindfold Hopper iPhone App

Blindfold Hopper is a fun, accessible iPhone game that can also teach basic sonification skills.

Getting Started on the iPad in Preschool

A TVI shares her experiences on starting a four year old on an iPad with a refreshable braille display.

Add an iPad to your Functional Vision Assessment/Learning Media Assessment Kit

Tips and guidelines on using an iPad as part of a Functional Vision Assessment / Learning Media Assessment (FVA/LMA) with children with visual impairments

Elijah's Favorite iOS Apps

High school student with low vision discusses his favorite iOS apps.

30 Accessible iPad Apps for Science

A list of accessible science apps for iPads.
Howard the Hedgehog standing before a sign, "Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam".

Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam: e-Book

"Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam" is an interactive e-book to that prepares young children for visit to the eye doctor.