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Wordle: 5 letter guessing game

Use your logical thinking skills to win!

Snow Globe Shake-Up: Tech Skills (cut and paste)

Unscramble this story plot and practice navigating commands, cut and paste.

JAWS and Grammatical Errors: Turn ON/Off Announcements

Does your student know how and when to turn grammatical error announcements on and off?

Navigating Websites: Reader Feature

Having trouble with all the clutter on website articles? This video tutorial will show how to eliminate the extra buttons, ads, and columns!

Browsing the Web: Video Tutorials

Video tutorials about how visually impaired users browse the web with various accessibility tools.

Snowman Activities

Hands-on, reading comprehension, and tech skills are all rolled into these snowman activities!

GoTap Braille: An iPad App with the Framework for Teaching Braille

This comprehensive braille curriculum has braille overlays and tactile braille manipulatives!

Lesson Plans for JAWS and for iOS

JAWS lesson plans organized by tasks complete with vocabulary terms, commands and activities!

AT Technology Skills Scope and Sequence: Tech Lessons 1

Check out these Tech Lessons and Strategies blog posts for the Basic Operations!

AT Technology Skills Scope and Sequence: iPad

Need help aligning assistive tech skills to the national technology standards for elementary students who use a screen reader?

Adventures of Karna: Multisensory App!

Check out this adventurous game that incorporates sonification and vibrations to make images accessible!

Windows Magnifier and Low Vision

How to use Windows Magnifier on Windows 10 to Zoom in on the screen, and how to customize settings in Windows Magnifier.

Dark Reader Extension

A free solution for users who struggle with brightness/glare when using Google Docs and other websites that do not support dark mode.

CodeSnaps, Braille Blocks and Sphero City Activities

Running around the Sphero City - where can you send your robot?

The Grinch and Max: Emerging Reader Digital Book

Use the beloved Grinch to teach alphabetic word signs such as "not", "like" and "but".

Coding with Blocks4All App and Dash Robot: Introduction

This code block app is fully accessible for students who rely on VoiceOver!

Elf Activities: Image Descriptions

Use this mischievous elf to teach image description tech skills!

Note Taking: Polar Bear Video

Can your students take notes from an educational video?

Map Explore: Creating Customized Maps with Customized Questions

Create maps of local areas specifically for your student and create questions appropriate for your student!

1st Day of Preschool: ePub Book

Capture the first day of preschool in an accessible ePub book!