Apps Posts

Image of Android robot (logo) holding a long cane and wearing dark glasses.

Inclusive Android Website

Website about Android accessibility.

App Review: Blindfold Greeting Card

Creating customized accessible greeting cards!

Google Docs Table Activity: Warm/Cold-Blooded Animals

Insert a table into Google Docs with a screen reader and organize these animals into categories!

AT Technology Skills Scope and Sequence: Tech Lessons 3

Check out these Tech Lessons and Strategies blog posts for spreadsheet (Tables, Charts and Graphs)

Google Docs: Teaching Collaboration Skills with a Screen Reader Activity

Lesson to teach students who use a screen reader how to access and create "comments" when collaborating with peers.

Challenge Solutions: Google Docs with VoiceOver on iOS

Here is an easy-to-follow video tutorial created by a student to help you or your student get started with Docs using VoiceOver!
Graphic: Chromebook Settings and Accessibility to support teaching & learning with Avra Robinson.

Chromebook Settings & Accessibility videos

Want to know more about accessibility settings on a Chromebook?

AT Technology Skills Scope and Sequence: Tech Lessons 2

Check out these Tech Lessons and Strategies blog posts for Word Processing!

Maps of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Use these maps to follow the current war in Ukraine.

Navigating Google Slides with ChromeVox

This video tutorial goes over the basics and advanced navigation commands!

Navigating Google Sheets with JAWS Lesson: Arctic Animals

Learn arctic animal fun facts while practicing JAWS commands to navigate a spreadsheet!

Tech Skills: JAWS Commands Checklist

Creating tech savvy JAWS users! Use the JAWS activities/information linked in this post and keep a record with the checklist!

Accessible, Interactive Math with Desmos

Watch this recorded webinar!

ChromeVox: From Basics to Mastery in 6 weeks!

Learn all about Chromebook with the ChromeVox screen reader with this video tutorial!

Accessible Periodic Table Options

Which periodic table is best for your student?

Wordle Part 2: Classroom Activities

Create your own CVC Wordle puzzles and strategies for making Wordle accessible!

Tactile Stickers for Valentine's Day Cards Activity

Create tactile stickers for classmates to use to make accessible Valentine's Day cards!

Imagination Videobooks

Can you imagine books professionally narrated with audio descriptions and ASL interpreters?

Sheet Music Scanner

Instantly listen to printed sheet music!

Braille Math Editor: Student Video Tutorial

Learn how to use Braille Math Editor, a recent JAWS feature, with a braille display to complete math assignments using Nemeth code.