Orientation and Mobility Posts

Ed Summers standing at a greenway intersection with his Seeing Eye dog, demonstrating how to set a POI using the BlindSquare app

Creating and Using a Point of Interest on a Greenway or College Campus using BlindSquare

Learn how to set and use a Point of Interest on a greenway or college campus using the navigational app, BlindSquare.

Tech Time-Out #2 Navigation: Engineering Camp 2016

Students with visual impairments and blindness apply their O&M skills and learn about new navigation technology and through an engineering project.
Cody standing at the front door of Sheetz Gas Station.

Cody went to Sheetz: iBook

A high school student with traumatic brain injury creates an iBook to remember his route around a store.

Accessible Transportation (Air)

My guide on some tips and tricks to help make you travels much easier.
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Metronome App- Pro Metronome

This app helps students to stay in a rhythm while using two point touch or constant contact. It is customizable to fit the child's walking speed.

Cody: Learning Life Skills through Technology

Activities for a high school student with traumatic brain injury, including learning to visually identify letters and objects for functional life skills.

iBooks and Other Teacher Resources

Digital books and teacher-created materials and resources shared on Paths to Technology website.

Audio iOS Games Improve O&M Skills

Many Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists (COMS) have been incorporating audio IOS games into O&M lessons.
Screenshot of Chris Tabb's O&M LiveBinder home page

O&M Live Binders: Resources

Live Binders is a collaboration of O&M resources.
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Moovit: Your Local Transit iOS App

Moovit, a popular transit app, is now accessible with a screen reader.
Uber logo ("U" on black background) and Lyft logo ("Lyft" on pink background).

Ride Sharing Apps: Uber and Lyft

Information and strategies on using Uber and Lyft riding sharing apps as a visually impaired rider.
App Logo: drawn circle in the shape of an eye with the text "I C See"

ICSee (I Can See): A free Android app for people with low vision

ICSee, an Android app, helps users with low vision to use the phone's camera to easily view text and images.

Earbuds/Bone Conducting Headphones for Students with Visual Impairments

Information about earbuds and bone conducting headphones for students with visual impairments.
Woman with guide dog holding iPhone and traveling independently past museum exhibit.

Indoor Navigation at the NC Museum Of Natural Sciences

Indoor navigation with beacons and BlindSquare.
Screenshot of Apple Maps route from Perkins School for the Blind to Watertown Diner.

Using Third-Party GPS Apps in Conjunction with BlindSquare

Instructions on how to plan a route using BlindSquare and Apple Maps or Google Maps.
Boy with cane standing outside lawn and garden section of store

Cody's O&M Adventures: iBook

Two boys with multiple disabilities created this iBook about their O&M lessons.
Screenshot of Tactile Map iPad Overlay

Creating a Tactile Overlay

Instructions on how to create a tactile overlay for the iPad.
Logo: Black background with white"bs" in braille.

Intro to BlindSquare: iOS Navigation App

Basic introduction to the BlindSquare iOS navigation app.