Orientation and Mobility Posts

Steps for Riding a Bus

Need an O&M checklist for teaching how to ride a public bus?
A smart phone running a map app laying on top of a tactile map.

Technology and Mobility in the 21st Century

The power of technology for travelers who are visually impaired.

How does a blind person cross a street?

Learn more about your student's street crossing skills with this rainy day activity!

Road Rally: O&M navigation activity

Road Rally ideas with visually impaired navigators!

O&M: How to Use Uber (Checklist)

Planning an O&M lesson on how to use Uber? Here is a skills checklist!

Blindfold Bowling: iOS spatial concepts app

Looking for a fun way to teach spatial concepts to students who are blind? Try this auditory bowling game!

College Preparedness Series #6: How to Pick Housing

A successful college student shares her tools and tricks on how to start the semester off right - How to Pick Housing.
iBeacos provide audible information: "Main Street Station Bus Stop" and "Main Street Escalator Entrance" as pedestrian travels.

iBeacons: Next Gen O&M Tool

How can iBeacons, little plastic devices, help travelers who are visually impaired?

NAGDU App: Guide & Service Dog Advocacy & Information

The NAGDU app provides general information about state and federal laws involving the rights of service dogs users.

Reading a Menu or Sign: Smart Phone Low Vision Tool

Tips on using a smart phone's built-in camera and zoom features to access menus, signs, and other distance objects.

College Preparedness Series #5: How to Navigate Campus

A successful college student shares her tools and tricks on how to start the semester off right - navigating the college campus.
Client standing in covered entry way holding an iPhone open to the My Places BlindSquare screen.

Using BlindSquare to Develop a Mental Map of Environment

Familiarize new clients to our campus using BlindSquare to provide information and to build mental mapping in "look around mode".

How Do People with Low Vision . . .use Human Guides?

How to guide someone with low vision and avoid having them walk into a pole.
Student using the BlindSquare iPhone app while traveling on a school sidewalk with her long cane.

Using BlindSquare with students who have Traumatic Brain Injury

Teaching cognitively delayed students who struggle with locating a sidewalk intersection and teaching the clock face concept.
WheelMap logo

5 Top Apps for People with Limited Mobility

5 apps for people in a wheelchair along with O&M considerations for users who are visually impaired and use a wheelchair.

CVI Adaptation for O&M stories using Notability app on the iPad

Using the Notability app to create stories about O&M lessons -such as the Fair Barn - for students with CVI.
Student using an iPhone in front of a QR code.  BlindSquare on the iPhone is reading the QR code.

Community QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt O&M lesson incorporates tactile map, BlindSquare, Money Reader to practice mental mapping, street names, social interactions, tech & more!
Snowman picture with QR code mounted below.

Snowman QR codes: O&M Lesson

Winter weather day O&M lesson using QR codes.
Student learning VoiceOver gestures through the Ballyland iPad app.

Ballyland App for the iPad: Teaching Finger Gestures For VoiceOver

Overcoming anxiety of learning to use VoiceOver through an O&M Hi-Tech training and the Ballyland App.