Orientation and Mobility Posts

Photo of Dr. Rosenblum on a bike with text, "Non-Driver Live Webinars"

Live Webinars for Non-Drivers!

Preparing teens and young adults for non-driving and exploring low vision driving by Dr. Penny Rosenblum!

Middle School Virtual O&M: Thursday Zoom Meetings

Join these lively virtual meetings on O&M-related topics!

Virtual Instruction: O&M

Looking for ideas on how to teach O&M virtually when schools are closed and students are staying home?

Turtles on the Town: An O&M Scavenger Hunt

In this post I describe an activity using QR codes to create a scavenger hunt to find small metal turtle sculptures around a town.

Escape Rooms: How Do I Get Out of Here? Part 2 (O&M)

Escape room activities are a fun way to develop team-building and other skills. This post describes an O&M-themed escape room activity.

TVI and O&M Professional New Year's Resolutions

Four areas to work on in 2020!
Cartoon image of a person walking with a long cane with dark glasses and text, "Electronic Cane or Traditional Cane"

Electronic Canes and Traditional Canes

Interesting article about the pros and cons of creating electronic long canes for travelers who are visually impaired.

Google Maps Offers Voice Guidance for Visually Impaired Users

Google Maps, a web-based service that provides detailed information about geographical regions and navigation now has voice guidance.

Sphero City Activity

Design and construct your tactile city and then navigate the Sphero robotic ball to various destinations!

Sequencing Coding Concept Activities

What to do, when? Order of coding concept activities and skills.

Trick-or-Treat Orientation Activity

Here is a fun orientation lesson for October!

Audio Memos App and WH Questions

Expanding your O&M lessons with this fun activity for non-traditional O&M students.

Ten Things to Know About Going to College with a Blindness Cane

ten things to know about going to college with a blindness cane and learning to use a cane in college.

How I Learned to Navigate My Internship Building With Low Vision

How I learned to navigate my internship building with and without my blindness cane and human guides.

Seven Places I Don't Take My Blindness Cane

I'm not faking my vision impairment, here are seven places I don't use my blindness can and why.

Coding Concepts: We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Teach coding concepts using familiar stories.
Photo of TSA officer walking beside a blind woman and her guide dog in the airport.

TSA Travel Tips

Are you planning a summer trip that includes plane travel with a guide dog?

Fast Facts About Tactile Pavement

Google Celebrating Seiichi Miyake with a featured GIF of a cane traveler standing on truncated cones at a crosswalk.

Understanding Service Dog Training with Technology

Learn about different types of services dogs using free live cams from Explore.Org plus, who doesn't love puppies?