Getting Started with ChromeVox

By Julie Johnson

To access Chrome Vox (screen reading software), let the following directions guide you for getting started:

  1. Left click the area on the desk top at the far right where the time and internet connection information is presented and click "Settings".

Screenshot of ChromeVox Accessibility Settings

  1. In the search box in  Settings Menu at the top of screen type "accessibility" into the search box.

Screenshot of ChromeVox Settings options


  1. Click the box next to the word "Chrome Vox."
  1. Click the settings box directly underneath the words "Chrome Vox."
  1. Explore the settings options that work best for the user

Key Settings to Explore:

A. Voice Settings:
Explore the variety of accents that are available.  Consider giving yourself some time to complete typical internet tasks with a variety of voice over options.    

B. Key Modifiers (Hot Keys)
You can create your own key modifiers or "Hot Key" short cuts. Consider what keys are easiest for the user to access for navigating the internet and controlling the voice output of Chrome Vox.
Screenshot of ChromeVox Hot Key options


  1. Consider writing an email, doing a google search or another task that you do on a regular basis to ensure you are comfortable with the Voice Settings and your personal Hot Key Modifiers

Here is Jessica's video demonstrating using Docs using a Chromebook with and without the ChromeVox screen reader.


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