Early Intervention

Logo and text, "Make a Choice AAC App Review"

Make A Choice: AAC App Review

Try this simple and inexpensive communication app!
Logo of iSays app and text, "iSays App Review"

iSays App Review

Try this digital version of the classic Simon color/sound memory game!
Letter School app logo and text, "Letter School App"

"Letter School" App: learn to write letters and numbers

Engaging app with 3 levels of progression, visual & audio feedback to learn to write upper & lower case letters & numbers. For students with low vision
Ballyland Code logo and text, "Ballyland Code 2: Give Rotor"

Ballyland Code 2: Give Rotor

Ballyland Code 2 is another accessible app that teaches beginning coding concepts to young children!
Photo of tactile graphic with Dr. Seuss characters, box, and socks labeled in braille; Text, "Creating Tactile Graphics"

Using iPad, Stylus and Mac to create Tactile Graphics

Celebrating National Reading Day with Dr. Seuss!
Screenshot of Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss cover and text, "Hop on Pop Review"

Dr. Seuss: Hop on Pop Interactive eBook App

What are you doing for Dr. Seuss's birthday?
Number line with numbers 1 - 7, red circle on the 2 tick mark and text, "Number line"

Number Line Activities

How to improve critical thinking and spatial relationships with number lines.
Blindfold Doggy logo and text, "Blindfold Doggy App Review"

Blindfold Doggy App Review

Take care of your virtual dog while learning to listen, problem-solve and sequence!
cartoon leprechaun and text, "5 little leprechauns iBook & PDF"

Five Little Leprechauns iBook and PDF

Oh those mischievous little leprechauns!
Photo of Aeden doing a two-finger swipe down gesture and text, "Aeden's Journey on the iPad: Part 4"

Aeden's Journey on the iPad: Part 4

Aeden learns two-finger reading gestures.
Screenshot of Valentine's Day Puns iBook with a red heart, title, and pun definition.

Valentine's Day Puns: iBook

Love zany puns? This book or PDF is for you!
BrailleBuzz, a black & yellow bee shaped toy for braille readers with honeycomb shaped braille letter keys & Perkins keyboard.

TVI and Kindergartener's Review of the Braille Buzz

Is your student an emerging braille reader? Check out this fun device!
text: "Rhyming Activities for Early Readers. Glue/blue, label/table"

Rhyming Activities for Early Readers

Check out these rhyming words activities!
Image of Orbit reader 20 with text, "Orbit Reader 20: with an iOS device."

Orbit Reader 20: Using the Orbit with an iOS Device

This article will focus on the unique aspects of using the Orbit Reader 20 with an iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device.
Blindfold Simon logo and text, "Blindfold Simon: Educational App Review"

Blindfold Simon: Educational App Review

This fun memory app can be used to teach spatial terms, listening skills, gestures, auditory patterns and increase memory!
Ladybug image and text, "Ladybugs: Accessible ePub Book"

Ladybugs: ePub Book

Young readers will enjoy reading this short story about ladybugs. Learn how to quickly create ePub books!
Covers of two books: I Can (boy jumping) & My Glasses (pink glasses) and image from book: doll wearing glasses & holding a book.

More Digital Books for Early Readers

Creating 'triple-media' books for early readers: print, braille, auditory books!
Photo of Aeden laughing at the Joke of the Day and text, "Aeden's Journey on the iPad: Part 3

Aeden's Journey on the iPad: Part 3

Aeden learns how to turn speech on and off and, he learns about titles.
Decorated Braille cookies made with candy pearls for dots,  almond bark, and edible white pearls.

Braille Code Cookies

Celebrating the Braille Code in a tasty treat! Fun activity for World Braille Day, holiday treat or participating in the Expanded Core Curriculum
Cover of a digital book titled Zoey the Dog. The title and a picture of a golden retriever puppy are on the cover.

Zoey the Dog: iBook

This third grade student created a digital book about her dog.