Early Intervention

Photo of 3 cups stacked in pyramid formation, tactile coding card, arrows depicting code, & tactile code guide. Unplugged Coding

Coding Unplugged: My Robotic Friends Activity

Challenge your students with this fun activity only requires plastic cups, a couple of command cards and brain power!
24 month old boy sitting at a child's table with fingers pressing keys on an APH 18 Refreshabraille.

Benefits of Using a Braille Display with Emerging Readers

Consider introducing your potential or emerging braille reader to a refreshable Braille Display!
Cartoon image of hand with 3-fingers pointing and text, "VoiceOver Gestures: 3-fingers"

Teaching VoiceOver Gestures: 3-Finger Tricks and Tips

Try these tried and true tips when learning VoiceOver gestures or when teaching students/adults 3-finger gestures.
Cartoon hand with two fingers extended and text, "VoiceOver Gestures: 2-finger"

Teaching VoiceOver Gestures: 2-Finger Tricks and Tips

Try these tried and true tips when learning VoiceOver gestures or when teaching students/adults 2-finger gestures.
Image of Ballyland characters and text, "Ballyland Keyboarding: A Fun Game for Early Learners".

Ballyland Keyboarding for Desktops and Laptops: A Fun Game for Early Learners

Sonokids, the creators of the Ballyland iPad apps, have broadened out into PC software with their new Ballyland Keyboarding program! Here's a sneak peek!
three cartoon hands with 1 finger pointing; text, "VoiceOver Gestures: 1-finger"

Teaching VoiceOver Gestures: 1-Finger Tricks and Tips

Try these tried and true tips when learning VoiceOver gestures or when teaching students/adults 1-finger VoiceOver gestures.
Photo of a Botley robot and text, "Botley Coding Robot"

Botley Activities #1: Accessible Robot and Coding Concepts

This adorable robot can be programmed to move, spin, talk, and play games!
Orbit Reader 20 refreshable braille display with a 20 cell display.

Editing using the Orbit Reader 20 and iPad

Editing without router buttons!
Photo of Code and Go Activity Set with Robot mouse, tunnels, modified arrow cards, board, activity cards, etc.

Coding Concepts: Code and Go Robot

Help this robotic mouse find his cheese!
Picture of a person's hands typing

Keyboarding for Young Children

Experiences and suggestions for teaching keyboarding to Pre-K and early elementary BVI students in a group class (computer lab)setting.
Imageof The Snowy Day book by Ezra Jack Keats, the Caldecott Medal, and text, "Coding Concepts #3: Snowy Day"

Coding Concepts #3: Snowy Day

Teach coding concepts using familiar stories. Learning to separate 'turn' and 'move forward' commands.
Silhouette of head with puzzle pieces outside and inside the head and text, "Building Mental Maps".

Building mental maps: preschool to college

Building mental maps starts with room familiarization and then then the world!
Image of Brown Bear, Brown Bear book cover and text, "Coding Concepts: Activity"

Coding Concepts #2: Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Teach coding concepts and math concepts using familiar stories. This activity focuses on teaching grid skills, choosing the shortest route and numbering.
Ballyland logo, with text, "Ballyland Code 3: Pick Up"

Ballyland Code 3: Pick Up

Here is the third Ballyland Coding App - are you ready for a new challenge?
Photo of We're going on a Bear Hunt book and text, "Coding Activity"

Coding Concepts: We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Teach coding concepts using familiar stories.
Screenshot of the Accessible Number Line app showing the astronaut placed on the tick mark above the number one.

Accessible Number Line App: University AT project

This app addresses the issue of teaching number line concepts in a digital format.
Photo of Bot It Mini with text, "Bot It for Visually Impaired"

Bop It Micro for Visually Impaired Students

Can this fun game be used for educational purposes?
Photo of Aeden pushing button to turn on his Braille Display and text, "Aeden's Journey on the iPad: Part 5"

Aeden's Journey on the iPad: Part 5

Aeden learns to pair and check that his Braille Display is talking/conversing with his iPad.
Cover of the book, Noelle the Cat. The print title and picture of a fluffy white cat sitting at a window are on the cover.

Noelle the Cat ePub

A free accessible digital cat book.
Title page of the a digital book with a tan and white kitten and the title, "What do you like?"

Accessible Digital Kindergarten Books

Here are accessible ePub books for beginning readers!