Digital Transitions

Educators and publishers are working to resolve new issues as our classrooms transition to digital learning environments. Digital Transitions is a resource to help educators to provide feedback and to keep current on evolving transition topics. The current transition topics are: how to convert and create digital materials; information about online assessments; accessible online and digital materials resources; and, the transition to UEB braille code.

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My favorite tips for attending live video lectures.

My Favorite Tips for Attending Live Video Lectures

Here are my favorite tips for attending live video lectures and synchronous virtual classes without falling asleep or getting distracted.
Zoom logo with "Video Conferencing" and text, "Virtual Instruction"

Virtual Instruction: Zoom Video Conferencing Platform

Here is the Zoom information you have been looking for!
A child's hands are shown working on a computer.

Virtual Schools: Serving Students in Online Education

A vision teacher/Orientation & Mobility Specialist shares the challenges and rewards of serving VI students enrolled in K-12 virtual schools.
Photo of computer with teacher writing symbols and text, "Free subscriptions"

Educational Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings

Here is a list of companies offering free subscriptions.
Photo of chairs on top of school desks and text, "Virtual Classroom Activities".

Virtual Classroom Activities

Project ideas for students mainstreamed students who are temporarily receiving virtual instruction due to the Coronavirus.
Photo of school desks in empty classroom with text, "Virtual Instruction"

Preparing for Virtual Instruction

How to prepare your student with visual impairments for virtual instruction at home.
Desmos logo and text, "Graphing tutorial"

Graphing for Blind Students Tutorial

Video tutorial demonstrating Excel, Demos and Sheets to master accessible graphing.
Cartoon image of two teachers standing behind a student who is using a computer; text: "Tech Standards"

Tech Standards for Students with VIB: What's Happening

How does your student/school/district's tech skills compare to others across the country?
How to create accessible classroom posters for students with visual impairments.

How to Create Accessible Classroom Posters for Students with Visual Impairments

How to make accessible copies of educational posters for students with low vision, blindness, or other print disabilities.
Image with "9 ways to Customize Blackboard for Students".

9 Ways to Customize Blackboard for Students

Ways for students to customize their college Blackboard website so it's easier to see and actually helps with learning and studying.