Digital Transitions

Educators and publishers are working to resolve new issues as our classrooms transition to digital learning environments. Digital Transitions is a resource to help educators to provide feedback and to keep current on evolving transition topics. The current transition topics are: how to convert and create digital materials; information about online assessments; accessible online and digital materials resources; and, the transition to UEB braille code.

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Screenshot of Zoom Remote O&M lesson with high school senior & O&M instructor. Text, "Remote O&M Lesson College Transition."

Remote O&M Instruction for Students Transitioning to College: Building a Mental Map

A graduating high school senior builds a mental map of Elon University using a digital map and a virtual O&M lesson.
Black background with red bubbled words, "Creating CVI-Friendly Videos"

Creating CVI-Friendly Videos using PowerPoint

Quick and easy method to create CVI-friendly videos using PowerPoint and two free web applications.
Image: computer monitor displaying a Google Map and text, "Map Webinar".

Webinar: Creating Accessible Maps Using SAS Graphics Accelerator and Google Maps

Free webinar on how to create and use accessible digital maps.
TpT logo and text, "Free During School Closures"

TeachersPayTeachers School Access: Free During School Closures

Have you discovered TpT - teacher-created resources for teachers?
Logos: Voice Dream Reader and Claro PDF and text, "Convert to Accessible PDFs & Images"

Inaccessible vs. Accessible PDFs: Making All PDFs Accessible!

Learn how to convert inaccessible PDFs accessible with a screen reader!
Image of an iPhone with the Notes App with options to Scan, take photo or library and text, "Scan Documents: Notes app".

Create Higher Quality Digital Materials for Remote Learning

Replace poor quality photos of print worksheets with scanned PDFs using your iPhone.
Image of person wearing a face mask leaning over and typing on a computer; text: " Reflections on Initial School Closures"

School Closures: Emerging Patterns for Students with Visual Impairments

Reflections from TVIs on the impact of virtual classrooms and remote instruction for students with VIB after the first couple of weeks of school closures.
Cartoon image of hands on a computer; computer displaying teacher's face. Text, "Keep Zoom Meetings Safe!"

How to Keep Your Zoom Meetings Safe

Tips on how to set your Zoom sessions to keep them private.
 Braille document on an iPad with Apple Pen writing corresponding print & Good Notes app. Text, "Interlining Braille: Remotely"

Interlining Braille: Remotely!

Is your student completing assignment in braille during COVID-19 school closures?
Flier for Game on! and Geography Smash virtual academies.

9 More than Core Virtual Academies: Game On! and Geography Smash!

These amazing virtual academies are available to students everywhere!