Digital Transitions

Educators and publishers are working to resolve new issues as our classrooms transition to digital learning environments. Digital Transitions is a resource to help educators to provide feedback and to keep current on evolving transition topics. The current transition topics are: how to convert and create digital materials; information about online assessments; accessible online and digital materials resources; and, the transition to UEB braille code.

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Cartoon image of a student on Virtual Class and text, "Zoom Etiquette for Students with VIB"

Teaching a Virtual Class: Zoom Etiquette

Strategies to help your students who are blind or low vision to participate with poise during virtual meetings.
Graphic with a space telescope, exoplanet and star. The exoplanet is blocking the starlight. Text, "Discover Exoplanets"

Discovering Exoplanets Using Sonification

Space enthusiasts - be the first 5 students to complete the activity and receive a 3D astronomical model!
Image with simple cartoon dog and firetruck with text, "Spatial Concept Activities"

Procreate App 2: Activities, Worksheets and Books

Preposition and spatial concepts worksheets
Cartoon image of a grey cat in a purple cat bed with text, "Procreate App: Create Customized Materials"

Procreate App: Creating Customized Materials

This tool is an easy way to modify images for students with CVI or low vision.
Image of two student desks in front of a blackboard with the words, "lesson library"

Crowd Sourced Lesson Library

Need a lesson or have a lesson to share? Check out the Lesson Library!
Cartoon man with cape with logos (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) in background & text, "Preferred format: Remote Instruction"

Format for Remote Instruction Lessons

What formats work best and why?
Floor in a virtual conference, with a column of buttons on the left, large blocks of sessions, & small vender blocks

How Does a Virtual Conference Work?

Learn how to meet with vendors, network with colleagues, and sit in on inspiring presenters - all as if you were meeting face-to-face!
Silhouette image of a dejected person leaning over a desk and computer with text, "How Remote Learning is Causing Visual Fatigue

How Remote Learning is Causing Visual Fatigue

What you can do to help alleviate visual fatigue for students who are blind and visually impaired during remote learning.
Cartoon image of girl sitting at a home desk during Zoom class and text, "TVI Push-in During Zoom Class"

TVI "Push-In" During Zoom Class

TVIs shared how they are assisting students during classroom Zoom meetings.
Image of iPEVO document camera and text, "IPEVO Near and Distance"

IPEVO Camera: Near and Distance Viewing

Have you tried this portable document camera as a remote instruction tool and/or magnifying device for students with low vision?