Digital Transitions

Educators and publishers are working to resolve new issues as our classrooms transition to digital learning environments. Digital Transitions is a resource to help educators to provide feedback and to keep current on evolving transition topics. The current transition topics are: how to convert and create digital materials; information about online assessments; accessible online and digital materials resources; and, the transition to UEB braille code.

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Print and tactile graphic machine file of Engineering Design Process Cycle Chart & text, "Using Word to create diagrams."

Creating Tactile Graphic Machine Images with Word: Cycle Chart

Use Microsoft Word templates to create quick and easy digital files for PIAF and Swell machines.
Image of a sound wave with text, "Sonification Summary Page"

Sonification Summary Page

Comprehensive list of Paths to Technology posts on sonification.
Photos of tactile overly and addition app with carrying and text, "Tactile to Digital: Addition and Subtraction"

Tactile to Digital Part 5: Addition and Subtraction

Understanding the spatial layout when regrouping and carrying in additional and subtraction problems using a digital game.
Fiinger dragging across a tactile table overlay on the iOS game, Absolute Positions; text, "Tactile Overlay for a Digital Table"

Tactile to Digital Part 4: Positions in a Table

Using a tactile overlay to reinforce the table format in the digital Math Melodies game, Absolute Positions.
Photo of iPad, painter's tape, pen, pencil, scissors, and sensational blackboard with text, "Creating a tactile overlay".

Tactile to Digital Part 3: Creating a Tactile Overlay On the Go!

Two quick and easy methods to create simple iPad overlays of screens with rows, grids, tables, etc. designed to develop spatial skills.
Tactile graphic of Math Robot screen with braille beside the app with text, "Tactile to Digital: Math Robot"

Tactile to Digital Part 1: Math Robot

Bridging the gap between tactile graphics and digital materials: math facts.
iPad showing an educational app with red circle slashed line through it and text, "How to Check for Accessibility"

How to Check for App Accessibility?

Is your app accessible? What do you look for?
Brightly colored sound wave with text, "Discovering Sonification"

Discovering Sonification

Learn more about sonification and the exciting future Ballyland Sonoplanet app which incorporates sonification into a game for young students!
An unhappy girl rubbing her neck while looking at a computer screen and text, "Zoom fatigue research"

Stanford Research on 'Zoom Fatigue' and Suggestions

Video chat platforms are causing physical and mental fatigue; learn how to counteract their effects!
Image of hands holding a tablet with floating app icons. Text, "Tech Standards. Why Teach Digital Concepts Early?"

Tech Standards: Why Teach Digital Concepts Early?

Learn how to embed core subject concepts such as math while you introduce technology to YOUNG children.