What Worked: Remote O&M instruction Ideas

By: Amanda Stolz

If you’re anything like me, thinking back to what I did during the Spring for remote instruction and virtual learning is a bit of a blur.  In planning to begin a new school year in a variety of implementation methods, I quickly realized I need a fast and easy way to get those ideas back in the forefront of my brain.  

I love a good list, so here is a list of ideas, activities, and strategies that worked for me for remote O&M instruction.  

Remote instruction ideas for O&M

  • Have students and family members watch/listen to videos (YouTube, websites, vetted by myself first) on human guide and cane skills
  • Meet live (on virtual platform) to have students demonstrate cane skills for review
  • Have students (or family members) send videos of themselves completing human guide and cane skills and teaching or explaining them to family members  
  • Have students make maps (tactile or visual) of school, home, rooms, neighborhood, etc.
  • Send pictures or maps via text, email, or even snail mail for extra concept development (addressing an envelope, postage, etc.)
  • Mapping activities using share screen features and tools to draw on maps in real time (for LV students)
  • Intersection analysis and street crossing skills review using mapping idea above.
  • App instruction (Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, Google Maps, Blindsquare, etc.) using screen sharing options from cell phone so LV students could see me navigating in real time or with voiceover.
  • Screen recording examples of above to save and share with students and families.
  • Student research on long distance travel (airport maps, flight costs, train maps in different major cities in USA and other countries, etc.)
  • Have students compare/contrast or write pros/cons list of types of travel based on research
  • Facilitate mentor zoom sessions with adults with VI (Example: had my high schoolers with VI interview a college student with VI via zoom)
  • Partner with the TVI for group lessons.  (Example: Once a week for an hour the TVI and I would meet with 4-6 students virtually and co-teach.  Topics included Uber basics, google maps, grocery shopping options, and we even did two cooking lessons where the students made brownies and a dish of their choice!)

For students with additional disabilities

  • Send the student on a scavenger hunt of their home to find materials to use to make a tactile map
  • Send home tactile materials for map making (3D stickers, Wikki Stixx, etc.)
  • Work with families to develop routines for continued travel tool usage and consistent language
  • Work with families on object calendars for home use
  • Work with families on consistent placement of items for small travel routines throughout the day (cane/AMD, shoes, calendar, and chores)
  • Meet virtually with families during their travel and provided feedback
  • Have family send videos and gave feedback

Hopefully this list provides a you with some quick and easily implementable ideas for those students who will be receiving remote O&M instruction once school begins.  Happy teaching!  

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