Text Game Adventures

Looking for BVI accessible games. I discovered a couple of web sites that specialize in text games only, mostly free (important in a cost controlled environment) that students could access and enjoy. Several of these games did require more advanced critical thinking than shoot-em-ups, and students did become engrossed in playing these. Of course, it bears repeating per Steven Anderson that student engagement is not necessarily an indication of substantial and meaningful learning (consider many video games). There may be, however, some redeeming value in these text adventures in terms of reading comprehension and predictive reasoning that can benefit students. For BVI students, the occasional navigational challenges did present themselves but for the most part students were able to progress through these games with comparative ease. 

Play text adventures online

These games require text input and have adaptive algorithms that structure game progress depending on player input; instructions for doing so can be accomplished by typing help at the cursor input field.

Create and play text adventure games:

Several of these games are not entirely accessible, the Victorian detective series was accessible, however there may be themes (scary situations, etc.) that require discretion on the part of educators concerning age/cognitive levels of students and are more appropriate for high school or older players.