Technology Competencies for College-Ready Students with Visual Impairments

Finally - Technology Competencies geared for students who are blind or low vision! The Competencies can help educators understand how the layers of tech skills are acquired over time to prepare students for college and career. This tool is designed to guide educators as they teach progressive lessons which build strong technology competencies. These tech competencies evolve into the student's transitional plan for students who are considering college and/or competitive employment. Technology skills are now a core requirement; technology spans across all subject areas and is used to access all higher education content. 

Learn what tech skills are expected in college and beyond. Use the Competencies to identify and prioritize your students' next tech competencies goals, advocate for time/equipment, and to support your students to keep pace with their typically sighted peers.

These Technology Competencies were developed by the Perkins' College Success initiative whose objective is to promote the value of early preparation and planning while empowering educators with the tools they need to meet the ever-changing needs of today's students.

To view the free Technology Competencies for College-Ready Students with Visually Impairments landing page. Fill out the form and download the Competencies.




Posted by Diane BraunerJan 11, 2022

FYI: After filling out the form and selecting to download the Competencies, my expectation was that the Competencies would immediately download to my computer - this is currently not the case. The Competencies will be emailed to you!