Review of Percentally App

At the beginning of the 2017-2018 School Year, I went on a quest to look for an app that Special Educators could easily use to take data.  My hunt stopped at Percentally.

Percentally offers special educators the following features to make data collection and case management much easier:

  • Schedule Daily Sessions
  • Create a goal bank
  • Log students progress and case notes
  • Data collected is separated between independent, prompted and total
  • Data collected is transferred on to graphs
  • Data can be backed up between devices
  • Can easily record the data of students in group session
  • Multiple goals can be set for one student

My other favorite feature is that Percentally Pro 2 is compatible with Voice Over!

Screenshot of Percentally App: Active Session page displaying student initials, goal and percentage score.

Screenshot of Percentally app: Goal Bank page displaying a list of VI goals, such as Self-advocacy, braille keyboard, etc.

Screenshot of Percentally app: displaying a student's specific goal and target of goal.

You can can watch my demo with VoiceOver below.

The video below demonstrates how to get started with the Percentally app and helpful hints.

Collage of Percentally app


Posted by Charlotte CushmanFeb 05, 2018

Are you able to see a summary of student data?  It appears as if the line graphs plot each session, but I can't find if there are other ways the data is shown.  Thanks!

Posted by Julie JohnsonFeb 07, 2018

Hello Charlotte,

Yes you able to see  data presented over a longer period time when you do the following:

  1. Find appropriate student.
  2. Click the goal you have assigned to said student.
  3. In the upper right hand corner you will see bar graph symbol.
  4. Click that symbol and it will run the data for that student for the entire interval you have been taking data.


Posted by danielperry41569Dec 18, 2020

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