Project Inspire: Online Courses on Nemeth Code within UEB!

Are you a teacher struggling with Nemeth Code? Does your braille middle school student need support in math - or maybe you are looking for a fun math program? Project Inspire is for you!

Building braille codes for STEM has been identified as a high area of need for braille students to be successful in STEM fields. Carefully crafted programs geared for both TVIs and students, Project Inspire courses offer opportunities to learn Nemeth Code symbols that are used in math and other STEM fields. Project Inspire has been offering a variety of highly successful FREE courses. Currently, Project Inspire is gearing up for these two courses:

Course for Professionals

Course for Middle School Students

Nemeth in a Box is a very popular course!

  • What: 6 week online, fun program to reinforce and teach Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts
  • Who: Middle school braille students in STEM Courses
  • When: Saturday mornings for 90 minutes (11:30 - 1:00 Eastern) beginning on Feb. 12th
  • Cost: Free
  • Registration: Nemeth in a Box registration
  • Nemeth in a Box Course Flier

Editor's Note: Project Inspire is AWESOME and well worth the time for both TVIs and students!