Microsoft Immersive Reader Update

What is Immersive Reader?

Immersive Reader is a free tool that implements proven technique to improve reading and writing for people, regardless of their age or ability. Immersive Reader embeds accessibility features for students - including read aloud, font type, size, color, high contrast, spacing, and so much more! These features are wonderful for students with low vision who would benefit from accessibility features - including read aloud - who are not using a screen reader.  Immersive Reader is embedded into Word, OneNote, Outlook, Office Lens, Microsoft Teams, Forms, Flipgrid, Minecraft Education edition, and the Edge browser.

Immersive Reader features

  • Read Aloud
  • Spacing and Font Size
  • High contrast/colors
  • Line Focus
  • Picture Dictionary
  • Identifies Parts of Speech
  • Breaks Words into Syllables
  • Dictate
  • Translation to Other Languages
  • Math Equation Support

Here is quick overview video about Immersive Reader, Student and Teacher Guide, College and School Guide video by TeachBlend:


What Is New with Immersive Reader?

Immersive Reader has rolled out to four additional Microsoft apps and services: Outlook Desktop (email), Teams Mobile (iOS and Android) for posts and chats, SharePoint pages (web-based collaborate platform) and OneDrive for documents and text files (Microsoft cloud storage).


Immersive Reader has a terrific interactive guide that walks you through the various features. The Interactive Guide for the Inclusive Classroom: Help Students Read More Effectively is available here. (Note: Scroll down to the interactive guide.)

Veroniiiica, a successful college student with low vision, shares her experiences with Immersive Reader in this post: Microsoft Immersive Reader Review