Mantis Q40 Video Tutorials

The Mantis Q40 is a unique 40-cell braille display that has a QWERTY keyboard for input and a refreshable braille display for output. There is a 6-key entry feature available as well. It is a Humanware product and is available through APH; this braille display can be purchased with quota funds. The Mantis Q40 is compatible with Windows 8 and above using JAWS 18+, NVDA, and Narrator, MacOS 10.15 and above, and iOS 13.5 and above. 

In response to the critical need for teacher-friendly assistive technology tutorials, Ilire Goca, who is in a TSVI teacher-prep program at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, created these quick, informative and easy to follow Mantis video tutorials.

The first video in the Mantis series is, "Introduction to the Mantis Q40".

Tech 4 TVI's YouTube Channel currently has the following videos available:

  • Introduction to the Mantis Q40 (3:16)
  • Mantis Q40 Basic Settings (3:59)
  • Mantis Q40 User Guide (2:50)
  • Mantis Q40 Date and Time Application (3:29)
  • Mantis Q40 Editor (4:35)
  • Mantis Q40 File Manager (4:38)