Lesson Plans for JAWS and for iOS

Hello. My name is Rebecca, but everyone calls me Becca. As a blind user of assistive technology for many years, I’ve loved technology since I was little. I think it’s so important that students learn to use assistive technology, more specifically, a computer. Using a computer opens up so many opportunities and allows students to see what is possible for them. In August of 2021 I started my first job as an Assistive Technology Teacher at the Overbrook School for the Blind. I love working with my students and watching them learn how to use their technology to become a proficient user. These lesson plans were primarily designed using the Screen Reader Curriculum from Cody Laplante from Eye.T. This format helps to explain concepts in a way that makes sense to students. Other topics include navigating applications on iOS and the ABCs of iOS and the iOS Skills Checklist from Diane Brauner. I hope you enjoy these plans and please reach out with any questions!

Editor's Note: The JAWS lessons are in alphabetical order. I suggest starting with the Screen Reader Skills Progression.

iOS VoiceOver Curriculum for 3-8 year olds and iOS Skills Checklist

Note: The APH handout was from the recorded webinar titled eMailing it in: JAWS and Gmail in Standard View.