JAWS Update: Sound Splitter

How can students/adults use listen to Zoom audio while listening to JAWS? This new JAWS feature, Sound Splitter, enables users to route all JAWS or Fushion speech to one ear and route all other audio to the other ear. Students can continue to get work done with JAWS while participating in a virtual meeting. Students can also use Sound Splitter to multitask in the classroom, such as taking notes while watching a YouTube video.

Sound Splitter can also be used by students to use JAWS in one ear while listening to the classroom lesson in the other ear. Student's no longer have to remove one earbud in order to hear what is happening in class. No more dangling and tangling chords!

Users also have the option to lower the JAWS speech volume independently of the system audio. Many users find it easier to hear the audio from other applications when JAWS is lowered.

To Split Audio

  • Press Insert + Spacebar followed by V to activate the Volume layer.
  • Press Left Arrow to route JAWS Speech to the left and audio from all other applications to the right.
  • Press Right Arrow to route JAWS speech to the right and audio from all other applications to the left.
  • Press Up Arrow to restore both JAWS speech and application audio to both channels.

You can also use Voice Assistant and say, "Sound Left" or "Sound Right". Make sure that your microphone is not muted.

Once you split the audio, it remains in effect until you restart JAWS or you use the command to restore audio balance.

Note: Before splitting your audio, make sure that you headset/ear buds are properly oriented.

Teacher's Note: For some students, it may take practice to become used to the split audio.


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