It's My Job! Podcast #23: Mr. Jeff Thom

Welcome to episode number twentieth third of the It’s My Job podcast. In this episode of It's My Job, Keaton, a student from Colorado, interviews Mrs. Jeff Thom. He is a retired attorney with the California Legislature for 30 years and now he is a volunteer lobbyist for the California Council of the Blind.

The It’s My Job podcast features student interviewers talking with adults who are blind or visually impaired, investigating important questions like how they use technology and how they connect with other people. Our interviews were designed by students, for students. Stay tuned after the podcast to learn how to get involved! 

Episode Twenty-Third Vocabulary

Can you figure out what these words mean? (Each word is hyperlinked to its definition from Lexico.)

Episode Twenty-Third Tech Resources

Keaton and Mr. Jeff talk about some of technologies he uses at work in their personal lives. Here are the websites for some of the resources they mentioned. Explore these sites to learn more.

It's My Job #23 YouTube video: