IPEVO Camera: Near and Distance Viewing

Updated August 2020

Using IPEVO for Remote Instruction

With many students starting the fall of 2020 with remote instruction, there is a critical need for home document cameras. Innovative teachers of the visually impaired are teaching braille using video conferencing with a camera on the student's hands. Using a portable document camera, such as the IPEVO, is a simple solution that does not require another person to hover over the student in order to hold the camera. The document camera can have an established place on the table, is compatible with video conferencing apps, creates a stable base for the video (camera does not bounce around or lose focus like a handheld camera) and enables the student to be more independent with his/her lesson.

Portable document cameras can be used as a tool to remotely watch students do any type of classroom assignment - it's the next best thing to being there in person! Is your student learning to use a braille display, learning the keyboard, screen reader commands, math or ? Follow along in real time and watch your student's hands as they write, perform the gesture or perform the command.

A portable document camera can also be used as a near and distance magnifying device at home. It's easy to store, move and set up, and the price point is significantly less than most traditional video magnifiers. Read more and watch the videos below to see the clarity of this small but mighty IPEVO VZ-X document camera!

IPEVO's website has step-by-step directions for setting up the IPEVO document camera for the following video conferencing platforms: Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Microsfot Teams, and Webex.

Near and Distance Magnifying Device

Designed as a portable document camera, the IPEVO VZ-X  can also be used as a near and distance magnification device for students with low vision. This lightweight device - 2.58 pounds - folds for easy storage and portability. The VZ-X has three connection modes - Wi-Fi, HDMI and USB and is compatible with a variety of devices. The battery life is reported to be 9 - 12 hours. Currently the IPEVO VZ-X costs $299 from the IPEVO store.

IPEVO VZ-X Connections

The VZ-X connects to:

  • Mac
  • PC
  • Chromebook
  • iOS (iPad/iPhone)
  • Android (tablet/phone)
  • Apple TV (4th generation and above)

One feature that I particularly like is that the IPEVO has a small footprint - meaning that the base is small and does not take up much room on the student's desk. However, be aware that the IPEVO is a small tower (upright) and may be easier to knock over than some document cameras with larger bases. (The larger base, however, can be an issue as it takes up more desk space!)

Jessica McDowell, a tech savvy TVI, created this video demonstrating how to Wi-Fi connect the IPEVO to an iPad and then using the IPEVO as a video magnifier for distance viewing.


In this video, Jessica demonstrates how to connect the IPEVO to a Chromebook using the USB cable and using the IPEVO as a video magnifier for distance viewing.


In this last video, Jessica demonstrates using the IPEVO connected to a Chromebook as a near video magnifier.

Collage of IPEVO Camera: Near and Distance Viewing


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