How to Post on Paths to Technology


Want to join the discussions or add your own post to the Paths to Technology website?  Follow these steps!

Register on Paths to Technology

 In order to share a comment or add a post, you must initially register on Paths to Technology.  Your User Name will appear as the author of your post.

  • Students should not use their last name.
  • Your Paths to Technology registration is separate from Paths to Literacy – if you have already registered for Paths to Literacy, you will have to register again for Paths to Technology.   You can choose to use the same User Name and password.
  • To receive a once-a-week email notification about a new technology post, select Manage Your Notifications >  Show Me My Options > select Paths to Technology.

Home screen of Paths to Technology with Sign In button highlighted.


Bloggers need to register - include a brief bio and photo.  Share your user name with Paths to Technology administration; we will add you to the blogger list.  Once the blogger's bio appears under the blogger section, then posts can be added.  NOTE:  Bloggers open the Blog section > Add Blog Post to add a post; not under the Tech Idea section.

Sign in to Paths to Technology

You must be currently signed in on Paths to Technology in order to share a comment or add a post.

Add a Post - Adult

If you are a student, see How to Post on Paths to Technology: Student.

Adults: For written instructions on how to add a post, go to Learn How to Share your Ideas, located on the Paths to Technology Home page.

  • If you are copying and pasting a Word document into the Paths to Technology website, use Arial, 12 point font.
  • Most adult posts are added under Tech Ideas > Add a Tech Idea; then, follow the directions under Learn How to Share Your Ideas.

Screenshot of Paths to Technology Tech Ideas page with "Add a Tech Idea" marked

  • Blog Posts and Digital Transitions Posts only appear in their specific blocks – these posts do NOT appear in the Tech Ideas block.
  •  If you are a confirmed adult blogger, go to Blog Posts > Add a Blog Post; then, follow the directions under Learn How to Share Your Ideas.
  •  If you want to add a Digital Transition Post, go to Digital Transitions > Add a Digital Transitions Post; then, follow the directions under Learn How to Share Your Ideas.


While working on the post, you can save a draft version by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting Save As Draft.  This will enable you to see what the post will look like before it is published on the website.  Select the Edit tab to continue editing.  When you have completed the post, select Publish.  If you have an issue or question about formatting, please contact administration.


Each post should have an image associated with the post.

If using a picture or video of a student, you must upload the signed student media permission slip.  Images and videos can be embedded into the post.  Contact administration for details or assistance.

To add a Comment

Comments can be added to a specific post.  You must be registered and currently signed-in to add a comment.  Then, open the desired post and scroll to the bottom of the post.  Type your comment in the Comment textbox and select Submit.


You must first be registered and currently signed-in to add a question or an answer.  Go to Q&A > Send Us Your Question!; then, follow the Learn How to Share Your Ideas instructions or simply type in the question and select Apply at the bottom of the screen.

To Answer a question, go to Q&A > select the desired question, type in your comment and select Submit.

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