Father's Day Activity

Create a Father's Day tradition! Each year, your child can create a Father's Day book or slide presentation to give to his/her dad. This is a great activity for the end of school or can be done at home. Either way, the gift is from the heart and can be saved and treasured!

Here are some questions for elementary students:

Father's Day 2022

  • What is your dads name?
  • How old is your dad?
  • What is your dad’s job?
  • What is your dad’s favorite thing to do?
  • What is your dad’s favorite food?
  • What is something your dad always says?
  • What is your favorite thing to do with your dad?
  • What do you love your dad more than?

Download the Father's Day Questions here.


  • Create a simple slide show for emerging readers; the child can fill in the blank.
    • Example: "My Dad's name is ______."
  • Add audio clips: kids can read and record their stories.
  • Add pictures 
  • Use pictures as prompts; the student writes about that event.
  • Older students can share a short story about their dad. 

Students can also choose to write about someone who is like a father to them. (Keep in mind that not every student has a father.)

Kids' answers are priceless!


Father's Day is a great summer opportunity for students to practice their writing and tech skills while creating a priceless gift for dad! Mom or another family member can help younger students, if needed.