Convos With Julia: Cane Convo

How many of your students fully embrace their cane? At any point in time, this question will popup on social media or in a live discussion among educators and/or family members about how to motivate a student to fully accept and/or use his/her cane. Social media influencers are now a big part of our world. A social media influencer is a person on social media who has established credibility, has a large social reach and has the power to persuade others through their regular social medial posts. There are numerous social media influencers with YouTube channels or podcasts who are blind or low vision. (See Popular Blind YouTubers post.)

The theme in her video series called Convos With Julia, is  'Everything you have wondered about living blind'. In this video, Julia answers the question, "How do blind people get around?" Julia talks about her cane, how she uses her cane, does she use her cane in the house and what she thinks about her cane(s).

This video is a great discussion starter! Ask your student:
  • Do you use your cane the same way that Julia does?
  • Where do you go on a regularly basis with your cane?
  • What landmarks do you look for with your cane?
  • What challenges does your cane help you overcome?
  • Are there places that you do not use a cane? Why?
  • What kinds of cane(s) have you used? 
  • What do YOU think about your cane?

Consider making your own YouTube video about your cane and share it with us on Paths to Technology!